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  1. My focus is more on camera work and audio is a bonus that I can offer. So I don't have a plan to go full pro audio wise, at least not in the nearest future. When I have more demanding projects, I definitely bring in a separate sound person. I do record some stand-up comedy gigs occasionally, some performers want a lavalier as backup. The range could come in handy in a stage situation. And yep, the MKE2 that comes with the 500 is definitely not a bad mic. Hmm, I have heard good things of the Sanken as well, however I rarely see it on sets here. It seems that DPA has conquered the market around here. Hmm, I had the impression that the Cos-11 would be difficult to hide, since the capsule is quite long but that's good to know! Thanks for the good advice everyone! I gave it some thought and I think my choice will be a combo: I'll get the 512P kit first with the decent MKE2 and I will add a 100 series later this year with a great mic like the DPA or Cos-11
  2. Thank you! My confidence in the MKE2 is growing. My question in short: 112P + DPA 4060 or 512P + MKE-2 ?
  3. I'm a camera / video guy. Every now and then I have an interview or a corporate shoot where I have to work solo, and that includes the sound. I have been using the Rodelink wireless lav kits for a few years now and I feel like it's time for an upgrade. I've been looking at the workhorse Sennheiser G4, which would fit my use case perfectly. However, I find it a little hard to decide the configuration - I know I definitely don't want to use the ME-2 lav. I am trying to decide between these options: 1. G4 512P with the MKE-2 microphone - around 700-800€ This would get me a decent microphone and a better wireless pack, and it's more cost-effective! 2. G4 112P, ditch the ME-2, and get a DPA 4060 separately - 850€+ This configuration costs more, but the DPA is excellent. Now, my question is, whether the DPA 4060 is that much better than the MKE-2 to justify the price difference. I feel like the 512P kit is a better deal but I'm not sure. I've heard that the MKE2 is quite robust and would withstand some abuse, but it's also more difficult to hide. The wireless kit is secondary, however the 500 series sounds like a good bonus over the 100 series. Feedback is greatly appreciated, and let me know if my question is stupid
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