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  1. Yeah, cant get a softie all the way in.
  2. Not the best Neve ver made!! The started taking shortcuts around that era.
  3. https://reverb.com/item/31922225-dorrough-40-c2-stereo-pair-black Loudness and peak!!
  4. CALIFORNIA: You file for California state unemployment online, you state that Media Services is your employer. (Look at the bottom of your pay stub, it has the proper info) and any other payroll like Cast and Crew etc. Media Services IS your employer of record. It doesn't affect production companies, nor Media Services, it comes out of a state fund, to which media services and you paid into. The production companies only fund their half of payrollll taxes along with you to MEDIA SERVICES. I was asked on an unemployment interview about this "media services", and they responded, "oh you're in the entertainment industry, got it" IMPORTANT DISABILITY NOTE: If you want to file DISABILITY, look at your pay stub deductions, if it says CA SDI, then you file with the state, if it says CA VDPI. theres a number on your Media Services pay stub to call (its a privately funded disability insurance). I get paid by Media Services, and have done both.
  5. Let me fix that for ya!! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2968276/?ref_=fn_al_nm_2
  6. You're correct, Im a re-recording mixer, but I take the super sound title, as we don't have one on our shows.
  7. As a production mixer? You get bundled in with the re-recording mixer. I have never done an essay.
  8. Our production company shut ALL productions down. Im mixing at home until Im done with the shows already in the can.
  9. After 4 hours powered off, mine boots with, but a split second later, I get a timecode was reset notice. Time of day returns. So I guessing your timecode is not resetting. Have you tried downgrading the firmware, the upgrade again??
  10. Lav in the headgear? Boxers get hit on the head.
  11. Why Shotgun for audience? Line Audio CM4 Cardioids around $120.00 each https://www.nohypeaudio.com/lineaudioproducts.htm http://www.lineaudio.se LOVED on Gearslutz EDIT: Theyre Swedish, like you!!!
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