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  1. Beg, borrow, or whatever you have to do to up your budget. Dont compromise. You want a commercial facility, don't buy gear for a project studio, it will be obvious to prospective clients. How about getting a used Avid Omni HD? Decent mic pres, 7.1 capable.
  2. The Millennia is not even an Opinion in my eyes, its a fact. Of course acoustics is 90% of what a foley stage needs. The Millenia is just perfectly accurate.
  3. If I use software to correct loudness to my stems, what happens when I, later on, need to push in???
  4. https://www.mil-media.com/HV-3C.html Period!!!
  5. If an EDL is not possible, (never is) No one know how to make them anymore. Get a mono mixdown with your AAF. Import your AAF below the existing tracks. Mute the new AAF. Use the new mixdown to listen for changes against your previous edit/mix. You can at the same time visually look for changes old clips vs new. Conform away, bring up any new material from the new AAF. I just finished a cutdown from 1 hour 10 minutes to 44 minute 30 second consisting of over 250 edits. Took 1 day to match edits, fix and match. If youre on Protools turn on "automation follows edits" Not really hard just time consuming.
  6. I stopped reading at the part where you had issues with the USB lightning adapter (sorry) I run the Centrance R4 using the old style USB/lightning adapter, not playback issue. Maybe its an issue with the MPP2 Or supplied cable. Like every other software recording app Rode utilizes the prevent auto lock option. Ive never had a glitch.
  7. Time code does not equate to speed, its only a positioning marker. Reference (black) (word clock) keeps speed. Time code locks to a position, then freewheels unless a common reference clock addresses both units to be synched. HDMI TC in on the Mixpre 3 carries both clock and timecode, from the camera. Think Pilot tone before we had time code.
  8. No they don't "clock" to timecode. They clock internally, the timecode is only a position locator. Ive tested the Mixpre 6, and they drift.
  9. Try Rode Reporter app with that. Easiest recording app to use. I recommend it to all the "actors" on my shows.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Charger-Anker-PowerCore-20100mAh/dp/B00X5RV14Y/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1R4894VDENUV3&dchild=1&keywords=anker+21000&qid=1592182142&sprefix=anker+21%2Caps%2C370&sr=8-2 This is the one Sound Devices recommends. https://www.sounddevices.com/mixpre-3-mixpre-6-powering-options/ I use it myself, along with an L Sled.
  11. Ironically at home (at night )I use 7506s to edit dialogue, as they have a very big HF bump, and use HD280Pros to mix, as the 280s match my JBL monitors very closely. The HD25s are for my SFX field work.
  12. You lost me at Fox news, sorry.
  13. Try the Sennheiser HD280PRO Similar sound Great isolation Only 285g $79 USD
  14. My most enjoyable season of Top Chef, is when the new sound sup had white lavs in white chefs coat sticking out of button holes. It was so nice not to have to force EQ from behind a canvas coat!!! Even the company's owner didn't notice!! I did!! So, I assume next season the Chefs will be placing they're own lavs...................I QUIT!!
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