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  1. Longevity is key. We have established that with name brands.
  2. Adding to Constantin correct statement: Speed/velocity and stability is established via clock. (AES/Video) Time code is positional reference only.
  3. Buy an SM57, same as a SM58 The SM 58 is an SM57 with a 565 grill on it.
  4. Not me obviously!! I like Watsons https://www.watsonwu.com
  5. I have to ask: Where will you place the lavs??😦
  6. Turn off the channels inputs in the Mixassist window. Inputs/second page/mixassist Took a while to figure out its the headphone encoder that cycles and toggles through the Mixassist menu.
  7. I use Sonarworks strictly for headphones when I need to kill the speakers in the middle of the night!! Its close enough.
  8. No offense to Jay (Im sorry, I haven't read your book) Jim Purcell's book has a chapter dedicated to room tone, very good read. I have all my assistants read that before they even start working.
  9. It is!! DF, was for timing accuracy in longer shows. No one cared about doing DF for a commercial. Was told that over 30 years ago. 23.98 shows are still timed with a DF ruler today!! They are shot edited, and broadcast 23.98 but measured with 29.97DF Thats a fact I witness daily.
  10. Dialog Match helps. Also using Proximity EQ+ with Dialog Match will help a lav to match a boom.
  11. Never said to use EQ, but the choice of headphones. 7506s tell you that it sounds fine, in reality, it doesn't. An accurate set of HFs will tell you to readjust your lav. My point was that the PSM did not know the 7506s were translating incorrectly.
  12. Rick Marotta, drummer, human metronome!! Played for Steely Dan. Wendel could not "humanize" they always went back to real drummers. This is not an insult to Roger, he was one of the greats I had a chance to meet. He has told me so many Steely Dan session and road stories, I could write a book, but leaving it to him!!
  13. They lie, they tell you your dialog is nice and bright!! I had to prove to a production mixer his lavs are buried too deep. He thought they sounded prefect. Until I brought him in the studio, and played back his tracks. First through his 7506s, he said yup thats good, but then through my JBL 7508 Monitors, it showed the low mid he dint hear. If you like Sony, move to a 7509, or better yet the Sennheiser HD280Pro. We now return you to your scheduled foruming!!
  14. Izotope is terrible as a de-hum filter. Fabfilter is pretty much the best EQ out there. Anything under 80 in dialog is wasted, and unused. How can you properly listen to dialog nuances in the field without a high pass!! Oh yeah, those 7506s don't reflect low end and hype the high freq.
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