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  1. They're good, but not cheap. An alternative Ive used for repairs (Not for ADAT though) is https://advancedmusical.com
  2. Assume he meant 2.0!! You stems are the norm. Mix to stems, then comp your stems to a mix. Stems and mix are on record tracks.
  3. I always get phase issues between LAV and BOOM I use Auto Align Post from Sound Radix. Now I can mic the LAV and BOOM to create a fuller sound. Always use a separate track for LAV and BOOM, NEVER mix them.
  4. MS folds down to mono with the least phase issues. (IMO)
  5. Its been 20 odd years since Ive seen Doug Nelson. Doug is a production mixer, that mixed post on his shows, amongst others. I learned a lot from Doug, as his A2 in post. Trying to find a way to reach him.
  6. Seems this forum gets a lot of successful people selling their kits.
  7. Star quad cables, jumper pin 1 to XLR shells on both ends. Some might say this creates a ground loop, but that is only on the case of equipment to equipment. It doesnt apply to microphones. Ive been doing my own like this for years. Label the cables as MIC ON:Y
  8. If pitch shifting and slowing down, best to record in mono, and upmix after processing. You will get phase issues doing multi channel pitch and speed. If slowing down, best to record and sow down in 32 bit, or if you're 24 bit max, then 96K sampling.
  9. Im now immunocompromised to to medications, I have been wearing these in public, and have total confidence. Not cheap, but not fakes.
  10. The ATT wireless shown was a go to here in LA, every store I had one as early as 1986!!!
  11. If its a Motorola "Brick" you should be able to gut it and drop in a TX. Not sure about the cordless house phone. Funny I owned both in 1992!!
  12. I get into heated debates with my audiologist too!! Unfortunately, it's my daughter. I think they brainwash them in Med School.
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