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  1. After 4 hours powered off, mine boots with, but a split second later, I get a timecode was reset notice. Time of day returns. So I guessing your timecode is not resetting. Have you tried downgrading the firmware, the upgrade again??
  2. Lav in the headgear? Boxers get hit on the head.
  3. Why Shotgun for audience? Line Audio CM4 Cardioids around $120.00 each https://www.nohypeaudio.com/lineaudioproducts.htm http://www.lineaudio.se LOVED on Gearslutz EDIT: Theyre Swedish, like you!!!
  4. Reminds me of a mixer acquaintance, we were at Contract Services years ago, when we had to take the hearing safety course. Speaking out loud in the lobby, "why the F#$% do I need this course, Im already F^&$% deaf after 25 years doing this S%^&!!! He couldn't get out of it!!
  5. You don't, but out here, its financially advantageous to become an S Corp.
  6. Jay, not to have a pissing contest here. But for the sake of being accurate to the OP, 04 is based on the IRS office that assigned it to you. My EIN starts with 26. https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/how-eins-are-assigned-and-valid-ein-prefixes
  7. You stated "Our final thought was that in the right hands and in the right situations, the CEDAR DNS 2 would be a winner, even if it was in post. In the wrong hands with the wrong ears, not so much." Oh!! So true!!
  8. To expound Jay's 04 number, that would be an EIN, employer Identification Number. (04 is his neck of the woods, yours would be different) Thats another can of worms, as you would need a business license, and/or incorporate.
  9. I do use the 7506s to edit dialog, as they are so harsh at the top end. Another choice, hard to find in the US are Sony CD900ST, they fit and sound like the 7506s, but have a decent bottom end. They are available through Amazon, but the seller is "Japan Import" (To avoid counterfeit) Under $200 I own these too.
  10. Sealed? SENNHEISER HD300 PRO Open? SENNHEISER HD600 I use these to mix at night at home. TV and Music They translate very well to my JBL LSR 708s
  11. Longevity is key. We have established that with name brands.
  12. Adding to Constantin correct statement: Speed/velocity and stability is established via clock. (AES/Video) Time code is positional reference only.
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