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  1. Thats how I do it, (option 2) but wasn't sure of the OPs firmware, so I just gave basic settings.
  2. Do not link Channels Record Raw Mid and raw side HP preset= set ISO1 left , ISO2 right- toggle MS button on lower right to on. What Mic (s) are you using?
  3. Money You will be paying a union while not working union jobs. If you are in the union, working non-union jobs is frowned upon by the union. Do this for the time being. Once complete, the union will invite you to join, but you can wait to join until offered a union job. https://www.csatf.org/rosters-lists/industry-experience-roster/ Here is another Pro. Say you get a job on a non union "reality" show, and 4 days into the shoot, the crew brings in the union to organize. Sign the card the union gives you to add your name to organize. If the union is successful, you can negotiate to wave the intiation fee, and 30 days without dues. Its an opportunity for them to sign on a new member. The worst scenario is you pay the initiation, and ask to spread out the payments over 90 days. I forget how much the the fee is now $3000.00?
  4. Im still holding my breath for an MKH 8030!!!') To go with MKH8040 to mid side!!
  5. Dont join the Union unless you have to. You can work on a Union job for 30 days without joining, or work non Union jobs for 30 days to get roster experience. Get on the roster (it costs nothing), but do not join (dont pay the initiation or dues). When a Union job comes up, you can say yes, Im in the union. Once you're on the roster, joining the Union is just a matter of handing money over.
  6. For short runs, I use Mogami 2552, 110 ohm AES rated. Very limp, and flexible in a bag.
  7. Call Aaron here: https://shockwaveaudioproductions.com Tell him Patrick (Top Chef re-recording mixer) sent you. He's been the production guy on my Top Chef shows forever!! See what gear he now rents.
  8. Unfortunately 5 rolls is not a quantity Canare, nor any distributor will want to do. Canare will only sell to distributors, distributors will only sell to retailers in truckloads. As Rick stated above, Markertek.
  9. What do you consider is a big order??
  10. Where are you recording? Could it be the 416 is more sensitive in the HF range?
  11. Large companies like Canare do not interface with the consumer. Try their distributor in EU GermanyTEL : +49-211-91734503
  12. Pretty poor noise reduction going on there, sounds like early Protools DiNR watery algorithm.
  13. They dont!! The SOundfield is still superior. The Rode is fine for the money.
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