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  1. Oh, Im going to regret this!! 10 days, no update!!
  2. This is a very common occurrence in ANY CF based recorder. The time code skips a frame at every file break. Yes, a file break occurs every XX minutes during a long record. We in post are used to it. I do a show that has Police body cams, GoPro cams in cars etc. It sets me back no more than 15 minutes in any given show. I look at the TOD on the file, and calculate how many frames based on time X 12 or 15 minutes depending on the recorder. Never more than 3 frames, as no one ever shoots longer than 30 to 45 minutes. A stop and start resets the time code.
  3. Thats true!!!! Whether the camera person is right or wrong, follow the camera!!😪
  4. Netflix upped the stream to 640 for DolbyDigital+ and 768 for Dolby Atmos They are talking about testing 1.5 (BluRay rates!!!) But if/when Netflix (the 500lb Gorilla) demands 96k audio deliverables, originating at 96k production, we'll jump!! Right now they demand original video shot at 4K, finished at 4K WITHOUT any compression (means using Resolve instead of Media Composer) And will not accept upconverted footage. Waiting to see!!
  5. 29.97 Drop frame for EVERYTHING Unless it will be a commercial under 2 minute, then 29.97 NON DROP FRAME.
  6. Vocalign and RevoicePro are my tools to do ADR sync in Protools. Also alt lines. Also Autoalign Post
  7. Much of my work lately has been Netflix. They now demand 24/48 from production through delivery. I still get composers trying to pass off MP3 cues. That doesn’t fly when upmixing to 5.1!! Once media composer goes with 32 bit, it will be heaven. But I’ll be retired then.
  8. I didn't mean requirement, but since Avid Media Composer is capable of 24/48 max, and I get my AAFs from AMC, I tell production guys to record at that rate!! I do reality, and the Assistant editors ingest the ISOs from the recorders, and the video editors edit using those ISOs!! Ironically, they still call the recorder a backup, and cameras the main audio. Though no one knows about gain staging to a camera.
  9. Until Avid Media Composer can handle 32 bit float, 24/48 will be requirement. Avid is the video editing standard here in LA.
  10. I have a barely used Sound Devices MixPre 3 for sale!!! Includes a Bag!!
  11. Back to the original post. Maybe the OP should try another 416, to eliminate or confirm.
  12. Im serious, I cant stand the sound of a lav. Why would I be insane? As I said, the Neutrik connector is for you to find!!!! Isn't this thread about booming indoors??
  13. If you call Apple tech support, and moan enough, they will give you a $29 battery to this day, and a case number for reference at the Apple store. Just had my wife SE battery replaced for $29!!
  14. This is about indoor shotguns!! But since you brought it up, as a re-recording mixer, I cant stand the way lavs sound!! Boom me up Scotty!!!
  15. This does both, if you can find one!!
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