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  1. Large companies like Canare do not interface with the consumer. Try their distributor in EU GermanyTEL : +49-211-91734503
  2. Pretty poor noise reduction going on there, sounds like early Protools DiNR watery algorithm.
  3. They dont!! The SOundfield is still superior. The Rode is fine for the money.
  4. Yes, thats correct. If you're not using a 360 camera, it really doesn't matter, as you can reposition in Ambeo software plugin.
  5. Wouldn't it be better to sell the MIXPRE6, and get a MIXPRE 10 II? The extra TA3 pair will save you all that trouble! +18dB An extra 2 input channels too!! I saw one for sale here, pretty much unused.
  6. Yes, forget the fur. Cover the 703 with batting, the kind used in quilts. Mainly to keep fiberglass from shedding in the air. Rockwool is also a great product, but get what's available locally. Start with corners, you might be amazed with just that.
  7. That just won't work. Only high frequency verb might be minimized, but in the voice fundamental frequencies between 150 and 300 will still sound like a bathroom.
  8. Canare DA206 is rated 180m max!! The longest Ive used DA206 was in a wall 6 floors up and wall length could have been 30m. No issues.
  9. Just to add, Chris at Redco made me a beautiful 15 foot NT-SF1 breakout cable for $95 Using Redco TGS 4, and Neutrik XX XLRs, color coded boots, and channel labelling to match the Rode cable. Techflex on the fantails. It looks as if it was factory made by Rode!! These old hands would have had a hard time with a 10 pin XLR. Thank you Allen for the pinout sheet!!
  10. Good old fashioned customer service?? Not profitable?? Lost my NT-SF1 breakout cable (along with others), called Rode, $249 plus $22 shipping, granted I live 10 miles from them. Its $30 in parts!! Made in Taiwan.. A certain custom cable company offered to make one for $95!! Neutrik, and Mogami, same as theirs. Forgot to mention Rode does not have a cable stocked anywhere in the world!!
  11. I would think that you should be able to. The 10 pin connector has 9 and 10 designed for POE. Rode adapted the connector being an 8+2, that the 8 are for mic + and -. 2 larger pins were large enough to pair grounds.
  12. I have no intention of dismissing the OPs setup, its great. Addressing your comment. You can start out with a Mixpre6, and a Rode NTSF-1 (includes its own "Blimp/Zepellin") for a few hundred $ less.
  13. I throw a 2-pop on ALL my mix files!! What is "your" DAW??
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