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  1. "ADR" on a reality show mostly consists of off camera host intros. The result of lowest bidder production mixers!! And of course, non union.
  2. Here one that has been saving my but!! This works so well for shows I mix when there are 2 or 3 lavs, and the "talent" talk over each other. Phasing gone!!! https://www.soundradix.com/products/auto-align-post/
  3. Ive done it, run a few instances, go to Starbux, come back, I have a starting point!!
  4. Thanks for reminding me, you're right no warning, mine expires next week. If you're interested: I have extra Pro expander, Pro Limiter, Pro Compressor, Revibe, Reverb One, and Space for sale.
  5. The video store BGs were out of phase, can we discount that one?
  6. Always start with the corners, that will alleviate 80% of issues.
  7. The reason they are called zeppelins, as in air ships, zeppelins have skeletons, blimps don't. Note: Do you think a band named Led Blimp would have succeeded?
  8. Personally, I feel that Protools certification just says you can use the software. I hired a person that spent 2 years getting Protools certifications, knew it inside and out, but had no clue what to do with it. After 29 years using it, there are functions of Protools that I don't even know about, so I probably couldn't pass the certification!! Im not doing too bad in this business!! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0334793/?ref_=nv_sr_1
  9. I bought one, wont work. Even upside down. Interferes with power switch, and frame. Wont center.
  10. Avid MC will sample rate convert during ingest, don't sweat it!
  11. Im not going to make any accusations, but please use your due diligence when looking at the Sennheiser 416s sold by these sellers: w3power.hk and vpower.hk8 Something looks way off. First hint: the low price Pictures will show more!!
  12. The sped up and slowed down music will obviously not be used in the video, it will be replaced.. So the production person records the sped up audio back to the camera. During video post the music get pulled down to 23.976, along with video, and post audio replaces the music. Same concept when using film in the 90s, music was played back at 48.048k, telecine pulled it down to video, and post audio would sync the original music back om.
  13. I went with the strut bag for now. Has a provision for the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C battery. Will also fit the L mount sled with 2 batteries You know the maker read Sound Devices Tech Notes!! Port Brace didn't, hence why Im selling it here!! (Porta Brace bag)
  14. Im going to order one, already seeing some scratches caused by blindly inserting USB cable while inside bag.
  15. Good concept. But will cover the ON/OFF switch!!☹️
  16. I bought a used Mixpre-D in perfect shape for under $400, and an Apple refurbished 6th Gen iPod as a bitbucket Using Apogee MetaCorder. The recordings are amazing!
  17. As a Post Mixer, I used to pray for room tone. But with the "ambience match " plugin with Izotope RX, I can create perfect matching room tone from a line of dialogue. Until Izotope can match reverb, yes a convo of the set is always appreciated. Ive been know to go to the set myself during a series to create one!!
  18. Janik, Thank you for the file. What material did you use? I have some leftover carbon fiber fill PLA, thinking of using that.
  19. Ok, heres my first post on JW!!! There is nothing wrong with the 416, but reading your posts, I would recommend you go ahead and trade the 416 for the 8060. Everyone of your posts mention your desire to trade up, so go ahead. If you don't youll always be doubting yourself< don't worry you'll never look back. I personally prefer the KMR81, for both hard foley, and VO/ADR work.
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