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  1. Canare DA206 is rated 180m max!! The longest Ive used DA206 was in a wall 6 floors up and wall length could have been 30m. No issues.
  2. Just to add, Chris at Redco made me a beautiful 15 foot NT-SF1 breakout cable for $95 Using Redco TGS 4, and Neutrik XX XLRs, color coded boots, and channel labelling to match the Rode cable. Techflex on the fantails. It looks as if it was factory made by Rode!! These old hands would have had a hard time with a 10 pin XLR. Thank you Allen for the pinout sheet!!
  3. Good old fashioned customer service?? Not profitable?? Lost my NT-SF1 breakout cable (along with others), called Rode, $249 plus $22 shipping, granted I live 10 miles from them. Its $30 in parts!! Made in Taiwan.. A certain custom cable company offered to make one for $95!! Neutrik, and Mogami, same as theirs. Forgot to mention Rode does not have a cable stocked anywhere in the world!!
  4. I would think that you should be able to. The 10 pin connector has 9 and 10 designed for POE. Rode adapted the connector being an 8+2, that the 8 are for mic + and -. 2 larger pins were large enough to pair grounds.
  5. I have no intention of dismissing the OPs setup, its great. Addressing your comment. You can start out with a Mixpre6, and a Rode NTSF-1 (includes its own "Blimp/Zepellin") for a few hundred $ less.
  6. I throw a 2-pop on ALL my mix files!! What is "your" DAW??
  7. Are the people reaching out a private company called "awards insider"? Beware!!
  8. I PMd you, best I keep my opinions close to the vest!!! See my rerecording credits below!!
  9. Its not correctable. As I tell my production crews, you can use noise reduction, but I require a mirror track without.
  10. Am I seeing drop frame on the Ninja?? Or just blurry?
  11. https://www.atsacoustics.com/acoustical-impaling-clips.html?d=GPGEN01&kw=1154-IMPC&gclid=CjwKCAjw6fCCBhBNEiwAem5SO4CIOHhikMpA0Vq0Ny0ZuRQnsta-CjeQwzpGzXfgc0Fo0BYrfpMLwRoCVJgQAvD_BwE These work well, 1 each corner, maybe 6 for your size.
  12. AAF is an Avid invention. As Media Composer does not do 32 bit, they never designed it to deal with it.
  13. Very Sad. But the man being a genius trained his people the past 16 years, to be able to carry on his legacy!!!
  14. Better some proximity effect than none. Better to subtract than to add with EQ. I can make a Lav sound like a boom more easily than a boom too far away.
  15. Why not a BBG? https://mymic.rycote.com/devices/at-8022-bp-4025/
  16. Costco is now selling N95 masks. At $3.19 a piece. box of 100, not bad. https://www.costco.com/niosh-n95-round-respirator%2c-100-masks.product.100707773.html
  17. https://losangelesapparel.net/collections/face-masks/products/3-pack-cotton-mask?variant=31978393927742 These are the first ones I ever bought, and still the best. Terry cloth, good for warmth!! Metal band sewn into the material for wrapping around nose. If you get the Ash color, they have an extra layer of t-shirt material. 6 Months, once a week washing and still holding up well. No I don't work for them, I SUPPORT MY LOCAL BUSINESSES!!!
  18. Similar if not the same as the HD 280 Pro, maybe a little more solid in the low end. I don't think its worth 3 times the price.
  19. No, just skip a hole!! .625" gap
  20. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360048388632-New-Updates-for-September-1-2020?fbclid=IwAR1U21oF0Or-Iuf7h0FaJmOkFFVf54Vv2qRokYI5ZUZFaUU73iGMx9dIh2M New features High Fidelity Audio mode - Windows, macOS This option in Advanced Audio enhances “Original Audio” mode, allowing for disabling echo cancellation & post-processing, while raising audio codec quality to 48Khz, 96Kbps mono/192kbps stereo for professional audio transmission in music education and performance applications. Professional audio interface, microphone, and headphones required.
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