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  1. hit me up if you need a sound guy, gear or fixing advices in the swiss area. Happy to help and provide. Geneva zone and further. (also if you are on vacancies in the region, hot me up if you wanna meet : Let's have a cold or hot beverage and discuss audio stuff or philosophy or weather or where to go for visiting Switzerland)
  2. I have the AT bp 4027.... And I don't personally like it. Those electret capsules are a bit too noisy for my schoeps and MKH formated ears... And it's not very sharp in therms of middle bass reproduction if you ask me. Actually It's one of my dust collecting mic that I never have the chance to put in action. Thanks for the input. There are the polar pattern dispayed in there, so there is the answer to my first question. The mid is a cardiod, I would have prefered an hyper....
  3. https://www.sankenmicrophones.com/news/cms-50 Mid side all in one very short body. Really interesting. Waited for too much time an MKH8030 capsule. Now I'm thinking getting one of these, or the pearl audio one... Just wondering about the directivity of the mid capsule, some sites say shotgun, other write cardio... Wait and see. sanken site says 1795 $ , june 2019
  4. thanks so much for that accurate, fast, and helpful answer. Ok So I won't buy this transmitter then. too bad 350 $ is really a good deal.
  5. Hi, Digging up. I'm searching more informations about that system and found this old topic. So 3 years later, new post. Hope I'll get some more details here. This is a very obscure product with not so much infos available... And sony is not very helpfull. Specs & fonctionalites seem great, and it seems also really intended for professional camera work, obviously. Still I'm curious on how to add this kind of system in my bag. Because why the hell not... Actually, I found an used Sony DWT tansmitter for sale at a very decent price. Dealer is serious. Frequencies are still ok for us (in Europe 600 mhz + : can still be used in my country for some time )... ,,,But no receiver available. And the Sony receivers for sale are just too big and not designed for bag work. And pricey. No information about a compatibilty with UWP receivers wich I already own in these blocks as well... And they deliver anaolog mic level output at -40 Dbu, so I wont put some crazy money for something that do not suit my needs at all) So my main concern is compatibility with other brands receivers. I wonder if they are compatible with Wysicom MCR42 or MPR 52's for example ? Is it fully digital tranmission (if yes then we are stuck with sony) or do they get analog transmission mode as welll ? , Because I'm very interested into getting some of those wideband and very flexible receivers from my italian friends at wysi. Sent an e mail no answers yet. I Know they got different modes that you can select and I assume it changes the companding/expanding behavior, but not really certain about it. Anyone has something to get me out of the dark ? Thanks a lot
  6. the cosi product seem really nice. as always with cinela And that's really interesting to know that sennheiser can send modified modules to suit our needs... So they are listening to the customers... ... Knowing that fact, could we push sennheiser to finaly make that 8030 capsule that I personally dream of since many years ? And I know I'm not the only one around here) By the way, No mid side options planned for the future of cosi products ? would be great.
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