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  1. I use a pair of 8040 in an ortf rig and I really love it! I used a Schoeps ms rig a few times but I prefer the sennheisers. They have more low end.
  2. Are you using a wireless boom? Had some similar issues with an old Mkh70 wireless on an audio Ltd 2020. it was rf interference. It came and went like in your example.
  3. You could get a windows tablet. But yeah another device.... I feel you
  4. What I’m curious about is, if the new rx is down compatible to their current tx or if it is full digital. Can’t wait the 8th
  5. shure, but keep in mind that you just have to do it once after scanning at the beginning of the day. after exporting to tuning groups its stored in the dsqd. scanning and coordinating with a laptop and WD is much faster than doing it by hand in the machine. thats why i'm bagging for the auto coordination
  6. @RocketTreeAudioif you coordinate with wireless designer, in the meantime you can work around with tuning groups. export your scan from wireless designer to a tuning group. in the group the four frequencies from the scan are stored and you can restore them in the reciever channel after going back to switch mode. @LarryF That said, it would be great to be able to export a coordination to a group right in the machine like in WD. And I'm still impatiently looking forward to autocoordination
  7. Totally agree, that would be nice. I have almost the same setup but changed my 633 for a 888 and rund the DSQD via Dante. I use ratio mode very rarely for exactly this reason.
  8. Is it a wireless boom? As far as my experience goes, it appears on sennheiser sk5000 series. I had that problem only on lavs, not on the boom. You could ask the camera dpt to aim lower to not hit the boom.
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