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  1. Better get your order in before end of July though.....
  2. Well, you might wana look at the porta brace one then, but it sags bad. Using PS617 instead with less of that issue (no CL6).
  3. I traded in my SRa and $250 for an SRb (Lectro), and I traded my ERX1TC and $150 for a new ERX2TC (Zaxcom). Never heard complaints about those programs.
  4. Yup..... Paper weight now
  5. I'm always bumping opposite pots and faders on the 664. Not enough space for me, but I get by
  6. All computers are all the same, they get faster, they fail, they achieve, they help, they complicate, they're always obsolete, they got us to the moon, they allow NSA to spy, they create useless arguments, and they make the designer rich because you must have one.
  7. Don't put it under your desk.... might be mistaken as a trash can.
  8. With that said though, please don't design anything that looks like a coffee maker or trashcan please, thank you
  9. There's been a lot of announcements, yet still we wait.
  10. Well, I wouldn't "always" run the latest, since you could run into more issues than before, just be mindful of latest fixes. Many users don't upgrade to the latest solely because of stability. To give up the peace of mind of stability for the ability to use a period is risky for newer issues. Thankfully though, 5.16 has been very stable for many users. Just food for thought.
  11. http://www.professionalsound.com/specs/six_pack.html
  12. I find heavy cottons are the best, and lighter polyesters are more problematic. I know it will be a good day when talent is wearing a polo
  13. More bits you can fill up without limiting/compression, the better. I've heard this many times from very successful audio engineers. This is basically the theory of never clip IMO. Yes, it's better to be under than over. However I think with the differences of what you're asked to do, rather than what you know what to do comes down to renmbering a basic principal, "just satisfy the ones that write you the check". There's never a standard, it all depends.
  14. My reason being, if post didn't ask for it, don't do it. I can just hear it now from some editor that doesn't understand it all yet, "your levels seem really low". I don't want to have to explain to someone each time, I'd rather enjoy my time watching the playoffs
  15. Any official price changes with this new TRX? Are non-NeverClip Tx's being discontinued then?
  16. I have no desire using that option, and until post cares to want and request that option (highly unlikely) I continue on with normal operating procedure.
  17. It made running sound to the cameras much easier since most mixers can attenuate the outputs to the needed signal level. Many ways to skin a cat, this was one.
  18. Just gives you an XLR instead of the 3.5mm. Still mic level though if you're referring to an Epic or Scarlet.
  19. If they'd ever allow presets, there would be a lot less clicking all the damn time. 664 owns that dept.
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