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  1. No such option to re-record with nomad/wireless.
  2. You'd think you'd be able to tell from the announced performance between the two
  3. Thanks Rado, I actually went back the next morning to check, but no dice.
  4. If anybody happened to find a pair of sunglasses laying around inside that night, please let me know.
  5. Thanks to all that helped set it up, I'll look forward to the next.
  6. I hope one day I could say I do mike
  7. Although I would have rather seen 2 mic inputs at least myself, how often do you get the opportunity for having two booms? Really love the idea though..... small, compact, simple.....totally smokes the idea of a control surface that just has pots & faders.
  8. Can you send me a pm with pictures of your kort bag? I'm interested
  9. @ David, I guess you didn't get my FB messages? I'm more curious about the belt system for the stingray bag to be honest.
  10. Well, I seem to have found the best option as for options/size/cost for me, around 440$. Waiting to hear from David about the ktek bag first.
  11. Exactly! Keep in mind the hardware on the "Hudson demo" was using a QRX235 (which is a narrow band), and two directional antenna (+8db each).
  12. Im sorry, but when you spend a few grand on a product it better be working perfectly upon arrival. Regardless how insignificant this might seem, you shouldn't live with it.
  13. I checked out this bag in person last week, and was turned off due to there being no velcro in the large compartment for where the Rx would usually go, and they didn't use the dual waste clip belt system, just the single belt loop idea which allows the bag to dip away oddly. I do like their bags and have been trying to get something better tailored for a compact 633 bag, but depending how the Ktek waste system turns out for the Stingray, I might go with that instead of a $500+ custom Kort bag.
  14. I had the exact same conversation with him back in last October, he literally said those same things. I was able to order a few new parts to my Loon, and then I kept asking him for an invoice as to how much I owed him for the parts and he has yet to get back to me, send me an invoice, or answer any calls/emails. I try about once a month still to try paying him, but still nothing. All I can say is, for those that want an excellent boom.. get one, but when you do... order all the parts...extra parts to last you a very long time right then and there. Pay on delivery as well.
  15. I get better performance using my QRX100 with rfmulfi vs. the supplied whips.
  16. But that's also with 3 separate frequencies right?
  17. Crazy, cause the RFmulti works great with the QRX100, much better than using the whips straight off the Rx.
  18. If the request ever becomes a priority, I surely will ha.
  19. Actually, the "only" thing I've not heard from a client so far is a request for me to provide 136db dynamic range sound.
  20. Same result in the end, just a different path getting there, no mirroring though.
  21. Both machines have fail safes for data loss in their own way, however 2 > 1... no way around that. If Maxx could "instantly" re-mirror on metadata changes, or deliver mp3 "immediately" (or at all) when wrap is called I'd be more interested. My personal choice (which I believe is interesting), is 633 for small jobs, and Nomad for big jobs and cart.
  22. Dreadful? Wow, what would a H4n classify as then? Nomad has always sound very clean to me.
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