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  1. So you're the guy that stole that from me!!!??!?!?! lol jk.
  2. Philip, I'm waiting on comtek to get back from vacation to see what options I have with this set I got. I've been trying to find some more sets out there, but keep finding miss-matched freq's so far . Any of you guys looking to sell some off? lol (had to try).
  3. Eric.. my transmitter has a "1" under it's serial # (120315), and receiver has a "NB" under it's serial (120321).
  4. Thanks a bunch all, I have another set I found cheap off Ebay coming, that includes a base station, but user has not been able to give me any freq or model id #'s yet. Tried calling Comtek today and see what they can tell me, but they're on vacation at the moment . Cheers all, Zack
  5. Awesome Robert.. thanks a bunch, and I'll give them a call tomorrow. I tried looking for the freq # on the bottom, but it looks more like a serial number... there's no decimal anywhere lol.
  6. Since my question relates to this older post I figured it would be better to continue with it than start another. I recently got a hold of a very good condition set of these older non-BNC m72 comteks. I can't seem to find much information about their details about how the channels work so I thought I'de ask you all. First off, how do the transmitters work with the receiver crystals? My receiver has a "1" crystal, does this mean that i have to get that same crystal for more receivers if I add more? Can I use the same transmitter with receivers with other channel crystals, like E or F types? Secondly, I can only seem to receive one channel from my mixer's stereo aux out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I'm using balanced outs from my mixer to the transmitter's input, and a pair of stereo headphones, I should hear both channels on the receiver end right? ty for any help
  7. I always start with #1 being boom, just a consistency thing that my mind is set to now. When I'm sending to camera I usually send a split, boom L/Lavs R. I don't like sending a mix of these two due to phasing/comb filter issues that can happen. I just do this to give the editor an option of either source, they can mix the two together while editing if need be.
  8. If most of your MS recordings are to be very ambient low level sources, then ya you'll want a low noise mic. I tested a Emesser a while back which was a little noisy, about the same as my MK-012 Fig 8 mic I use for my MS rig, but both work fantastic for louder s/n source recordings. Emesser will be cheaper, lighter, and more convenient to work with, but MKH30 should give better results from what I've heard from others. Get the mic that will best suit your needs, cost effectively that is. If u're curious about the MK-012 MS rig I put together you can check some test samples out here: MK-012 MS rig
  9. Thanks Robert and Philip for your responses. (Philip), I actually spoke with Take recently through email about the Snow Leapord support, he's actually working on a new software package with an updated BR to go with it, no ETA however. I had a friend running Snow Leapord test out the 7.22 version of BR and all worked great other than the loss of the sound reports output so...... my work around is to install Tiger 10.4 on my new mac lol, as a second partition boot up and have all the options working as intended. My current mixer is a ProMix6 that I use in my bag, and now front runner for my set up, however it's limiters are only for the main outs. I'll just have to be extra careful on the ISO's as you guys explained till I can upgrade or maybe modify my mixer. (Robert), I was debating for a few days to either save a grand and go with the mac/BR set up, or add in a 744T with my 702T, but I just found more bells and whistles with the cheaper set up, sorry to hear about the 788 so far though, would love to get one myself regardless.
  10. I just ordered myself a new 15" macbook pro and Motu traveler to use with Boom Recorder. My idea was to use my 702T as master TC generator to the Motu (Boom Recorder) and have it as the main 2ch recorder, with ISO's going to the mac. My only worry and question to others using direct out ISO's to whatever medium is, what are you doing about limiters? Do you make extra headroom for those ISO tracks going to your software medium, or are your $10k mixers giving you limiter options for your direct outs?
  11. Of course Canada will have lower rates versus the U.S., their entire population is a good 3 million lower than California alone lol. It's a numbers game.. not mentality.
  12. I've done quite a few RED shoots now, my most recent a x2 RED using Ambient ACL202CT clockit's. Just set 702T to free-run lock up the boxes in the morning and they run all day with no worry (long as you have your settings correct). I've just heard quite a few horror stories with using rec-run TC so I just stayed away from it. With the most current RED build, their TC clock will still drift when on idle (not rolling), but as long as you have it set to JAM in the TC options, it will sync up to the box or whatever TC source you feed it instantly once rolling.
  13. amaidadde, I'm not a "one note" and actually enjoy helping folks that are looking for honest advice regardless of where they look, so I hope this helps. I use a lacie rugged 320 with my 702T along with the firewire filter. On first test I A/B'd the firewire filter.... I did notice a noise reduction using it so it's a perminate part of my bag now. Anyways, you can't power the drive off the firewire bus using just the 702 lith batteries (not enough voltage output). There's a few work arounds for this however: 1. Using a larger battery (NP type). I use a 14v NP-style distribution system that powers my mixer, 702, and drive just fine. 2. Obviously having the luxury of AC will work and give your 702T the needed juice to power the drive through the firewire. 3. Call Lacie and have them ship you a power supply for your drive. They had no problem mailing me one at no charge.. (love Lacie).
  14. Thanks for the info Billy, one question though. I also use Loon Booms (love them). Are you using the base + wing with your TX to where you need the rubber bands? I just have a 11' penta boom at the moment, but am looking to get the base+wing attachment for a Lectro HM TX I'm getting soon. Any issues you can foresee with this set up?
  15. Located in California, yet available anywhere you need me (passport ready); mixing, boom, or utility. 559.304.1595 www.soundgeekproductions.com
  16. I just wasted my money buying a few sets of G3's. I was first using them for monitor sends since I didn't have a comtek at the time and was renting some lectro 411's. I was having a lot of drop outs with them even after scanning and trying different channels. I was line of site 50ft. away and in the middle of the Mojave desert getting drop outs... meanwhile, the 411's were rock solid. After we were done, I returned the G3's and am about to drop big bucks on 2 new sets of Lectros, and never look back.
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