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  1. Does it have a lip or grip on the back to allow one hand operation (hold and clap)?
  2. Petrol 607. It fits nicely, but not my preferred bag.
  3. Yes, I concur... CL UHF seems great.
  4. I just AES 1 pair per camera. You can get your rtn, you'll be able to let camera use on board mic for B-roll (so you can relax or go home), and you keep the prestige of multi-tracking.
  5. Indeed complicated, and more so when you start adding in trx you'd want to remote control. If one has to piece together modular devices to make a non-integrated zaxnet Zaxcom mixer/recorder work, then it better be one awesome machine, since anything could be used in its place (as jack elegantly mentioned).
  6. Go to any store really, look for antiglare cell phone protectors. I did this with the 664 long-ago, helped a lot.
  7. To develop their most recent mixer without the Zaxnet ability built in like Nomad was just silly to me. Yes, it probably would have jeopardized the reason for buying a Nomad for many of us (or not), but the entire Zaxnet functionality is far more useful and used more often than a 2ch UHF hop/link is. It's probably way to late for such change to me made to the Maxx, but for those of you still hoping.... I'll wish you luck, you'll probably see something along the lines of being able to record line level input from the RTN and added 4 more tracks, routable input matrix, output delay (maybe not). I think mp3 is an impossibility for Maxx?
  8. Battery Bud will give you more space, and the Kort bag (not exactly shown in the above pic) has side pockets for NP storage that's far easier/faster to get to. As for x4 411's, yes you can, however it depends on the way you're wanting to arrange them. You'll prob want to stack them in a 2 x 2 config. To give you an idea on space with these side pockets.... The right one has my NP, and the left side has my batt bud II and RF multi. You should be able to use your BDS still.
  9. Yup, if you'd like... Contact Matt W. at pro-sound NY and add your name to the list we've started. We could all get a better deal on the bag with a batch order hopefully.
  10. I see this announcement as Maxx launch version 2.0. Attention is going to be focused on the maxx again, which means Deva and Nomad users will have to wait longer to get the rest of the options they were told about. Please prove me wrong.
  11. Not only does this new Power system help with sudden power failure issues like my Nomad, but now I can hot swap NP batteries with just 1 battery cup.... never have to shut down.... very cool
  12. Because Channing Tatum failed lol http://distractify.com/people/amazing/the-epic-split-featuring-van-damme/
  13. +1. They even heard us out about the gain pot color schemes! (black on silver > white on silver) Excellent product!
  14. Picked up mine soon as they said "That's lunch"! Lol.... Looking forward to getting into it tomorrow
  15. You're welcome, and thanks to all the others too.
  16. Zack

    Loon Boompoles

    Yup, it's all about just getting in touch with him and the rest is good.
  17. Hummm, what mixer are you using, and is it sharing the same power source as the 2.4 amp/dc injector?
  18. I'm using one myself now, and have not come across this issue at all after trying to make it happen. Everything is sharing the same power source as well.
  19. I have one somewhere if someone wants to buy mine?
  20. The more fast paced and demanding the work gets, the less MARF has become useful to me, more like a speed bump honestly. I like it when working on the cart, or some sort of episodic series, but not having the ability to press stop, make any last min meta data changes (without remirroring) and hand off a card when the unforeseen request from the client hits you with your pants down. Continuous is obviously the answer, but at the expense of accurate meta data efficiency.
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