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  1. C300 today too, but just ERX mix n jam
  2. I don't think having the eng menu exploded out at the bottom of the root menu was better. Instead, put it under the meta menu. ENG menu > playback menu IMO.
  3. H1 bro, don't spend more that you need
  4. 664 is easy, select what card is to have mp3 and done, ready to deliver (but also embeded) when you cut. 552 can do same but 2ch with audio tc.
  5. And without the need of use of a computer to get it done.
  6. You can't use Maxx + ZaxConvert to get mp3's without the aid of an additional program (LAME).
  7. Maxx is designed for more than dialog (as I've heard Glenn express). You don't need 96k > for dialog.
  8. That all changes when you get into sfx editing, severely slowing and pitching things up and down.
  9. PVC pipe with cap at bottom and hose clamps. Put the PVC pipes on the side that folds last.
  10. Ok....so basically we need a way to turn off all HPF (off to off off).
  11. +1 for no fixed 80hz cut off.
  12. Are the additional Maxx feet something simple we could just find at the hardware store, or are you designing something custom that will give ample spacing for XLR's between the bag and connectors?
  13. Wish it would all be a push to REC, and push & hold to access TC. Add this idea to the other buttons, and you've now eliminated the need for shifted/unshifted or two handed navigation with those buttons.
  14. To add to the aes questions. Do those aes channels have ALL the same channel options as analog do?
  15. No unshifted No post fade ISO's Can these items be added ever?
  16. I sure hope not.....
  17. It's the typical programmers vs users experience you're going through is all. Try looking for the mode menu, then have your system set to unshifted.
  18. As did the price point
  19. I disagree bob, I own and use both and see a fairly equal response about display issues between the machines
  20. I'm having a hard time working out the logic with development on some of the new products. Zaxcom has made (what I believe) is a good product/technology of the "Zaxnet" implementation and integration into their mixer/recorder and wireless technology. It wasn't too long ago (if not still) that Zaxnet was used as a huge perk and selling point of Zaxcom products (am I wrong?). So, you would think with any new product that has been developed since the Zaxnet implementation, would associate those features to retain that compatibility (entirely) to allow user flexibility and satisfaction (is this crazy talk? Perhaps my misunderstanding is that logic shouldn't be applied). Why introduce a device stated to be "a full ZaxNet 2.4Ghz IFB" with certain key parameters of the Zaxnet technology missing? Here's an example of a Nomad print add out of the most recent Sound & Picture publication: From a customer's perspective, it's as if the advertising department is not on the same page as product development's, and this is what ends up causing issues down the road as we've heard here. I could continue on with this logic into the development of the Maxx as for why it didn't get the Zaxnet build in like the Nomad, however that has already been addressed from Glenn and his explanation is what it is... and that's fine, at least it was mentioned to the customers and they knew before investing.
  21. I think for non-2ch Hop instances, it's easier to use qrx IFB in the bag
  22. Lets leave feelings out of this and stick to the business of improvement.
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