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  1. 51 minutes ago, manuelchk said:


    Lighter, smaller, sounds better w/ personalized setup for different lavs, fixed antena but better built and stronger than 50 antenas of my smqv, better battery life than 2 rechargeable AAs for the smqv.

    It's just another tool, you keep one tool in your pocket that I will keep two :)

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    An SMV is about the same size and can be paired with a lith AA for far more than the lith in the ssm. I've never had an antenna break. If they were able to get the power beyond 50mW I might get one again, but now with some new WBTX coming down the line, all looks promising 

  2. On 8/25/2017 at 7:48 PM, manuelchk said:

    SSM is wide band and smaller and sounds great and has the 6-7h battery... unless the new "SMQVs" are 100mW or 250m the SSM is a much better option.

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    Um...more like 5 hour battery which isn't AA, 3 pin lemo, only 50mW, and fixed antenna = no thanks

  3. 1 minute ago, RadoStefanov said:

    This is not sound dashboard. This is Sound Devices SL6.

    Believe me I have been lobbied Zaxcom for something similar even before SL6 was in the makes. Even before me and Sound Devices guys were having a drink at Double Down Saloon. (:

    Something like my Zaxcom brackets "which was inspired by Pascal" will be great.

    The RX12 is cool but way too big and heavy for my usual needs.

    But zaxcom are not very fond of the idea.

    But did you have the "trifecta" :P

    13 minutes ago, KGraham045 said:

    How'd you mount the Dipoles and Boom?

    Original idea for the boom mount from Scott Farr, they're MOLLE fast clips easily found on Amazon. Dipole mounting idea was taking off the mounting blocks and fastening to the edge of the bag using simple clips, or the MOLLE straps on the front of the bag. Overall clean looking, but also very RF clean even with the TX antenna so close to the SNA600.

  4. that's not fair. What about the RX12? That is in many ways Zaxcom's version of the SL6 and it's probably even more powerful.

    Zax has been very innovative thus far and now they doing something for those who need a camera hop and feel that their previous purchases didn't provide enough of what they needed. 

    Other manufacturers are only now really catching up wirh digital wireless. 

    Still, I agree with your personal conclusion that I won't need this. If they need a scratch on camera I've got my G3, for everything else there is TC

    I wouldn't even try comparing SL6 design to RX12 design. There's two completely different schools of thought going on there, one isn't needing or waiting on special adapters to integrate all parts, one actually fully integrates and becomes a slave to a master controller, one uses a standard to allow receiver choices, the price point is astronomically different, simplicity differences...many many factors. 

  5. Glenn states from the videos:

    - When speaking about the display for Deva 32 PC or Mac can be used.  Nothing was mentioned about mobile devices here.

    - On the Oasis video he says, "virtually any tablet, any laptop, either it be PC or Mac".

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