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  1. For sure -- I had great results with framed and covered mineral wool/rockwool, which is easier to deal with and great acoustic properties. Just trying to figure a way to throw them up against walls. Absolutely right. +1 Good stuff. Although all these things are ungainly and some trouble maybe, it seems like a better mindset to "treat the disease, not the symptoms" instead of just trying to solve it with mics. Like TVpostsound says, just covering the corners gets you most of the way home.
  2. Brilliant! I knew somebody must have thought about this before. Thanks for posting that. Are those standard tent poles? The banner stands linked by another user are also not a bad idea. I would love to hear a before/after recording of a room with a number of those deployed. I think some people would find religion that way, in terms of room treatment.
  3. Thanks David. Yes I agree entirely and I expected to hear that it just isn't done. However my frame of mind is to "treat the disease" rather than try to put lipstick on a pig with microphone technique. It is frustrating to try to work around terrible sounding rooms. That LENRD product looks great. I think that's more or less the idea -- a way to get some kind of baffle in there on a stand that is quick, clean, and easy to deploy without cluttering the whole room with c-stands. It would be improved with another smaller triangular baffle on top of it, at a 45 degree angle, and put in a corner. Alternately, it would be great if there was a way to just slap materials up against walls without damaging the paint or poking hole, but I can't think of a way. Magnets don't stick to drywall. Again, I'm talking about situations where you walk into some house or office.
  4. Thanks, Jay. I have been very pleased with Rockwool in the studio, but it's not rigid, so it needs to be in a framed panel. I will see about fiberglass rigid panels. I guess the challenge is mostly in the hanging and the placing of them. You want to get one of those guys in each corner, if it's really reflective. I think this whole challenge is ripe for some entrepreneur-inventor to take on.
  5. Hi All, I'm looking for advice on doing acoustic treatment of the room on the run -- not in permanent installations -- when the "set" you're shooting is somebody's apartment. How to treat real nasty sounding rooms with parallel walls and hard surfaces, etc. I won't prejudice any replies with what I already know. If this has been discussed thoroughly in a thread, I'd be grateful to anyone who could point me to that. Many thanks.
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