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  1. Is it hard to convert the "K-Tek K152CCR Klassic 5-Section Boompole with Stereo 5pin XLR Cable" to a normal 3 pin XLR connection? What do I need? thanks
  2. David did you say SIX or SEX Mark from Australia part time Kiwi or am I?
  3. Yes you are right Davinci frame rate wrong (stupid mistake) now fixed thank you for the reply
  4. Thanks for the reply David. Yes the tentacle sync was set to mic level, the time code on the F8n and the tentacle sync matched. I downloaded Davinci resolve and tried and used it some clips are in sync, some clips come out still with time code sound and all out of order in takes for example if there were 4 takes of same scene first two in order then and other scene then back to the original scene. and a copy of the F8n audio is also on the end of the end of the exported files. Just so frustrating trying to sort out what is going on. Got the Syncing to work in Davinci Resolve (operator error frame rate in Davinci)
  5. Help please.Has anyone used the "tentacle sync timecode tool for windows" to sync their files. I downloaded 80clips from Canon camera .mov format which had the tentacle sync attached which was synced from my Zoom F8n all looks good, but when I tried using the Windows version of the Tentacle Sync tool on my windows 10 machine it shows the time code on the camera files but it just comes out wrong, dont know what I am doing wrong I contacted Tentacle Sync and they confirmed no tutorials or manual on how to use this program. I have searched the internet and except for a Japanese tutorial (which I cannot understand) there is nothing out there. help please.
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