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  1. Hey Jule, did you find a solution after all? I´m trying to monitor in stereo right now with my 664, but it´s not working as i was hoping. I can hear the Mid-Signal and also the Side-Signal, but it´s not clear left and right. I tried both, linking the channels and monitoring MS-ST. I can hear both signals, but i can´t manage to get it left and right. Either way it´s like this with the side: i can hear the clear-side signal, when i´m speaking to one side of the mic (8) and then i hear the out-of-phase signal, when i´m speaking to the other side of the mic (8). But not LR, just 0° and 180°. What am i missing. It´s ok for me to deliver the ISO´s to post, but i´m still wondering what am i doing wrong? Maybe do you have answers? Best from Munich, Tim.
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