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  1. Sorry for my english, maybe rubber is not the right term for what I mean. This is what I‘m talking about:
  2. If it is the rubber rather than the screw, try to put some baby powder on the rubber, this might help. Best, Tim
  3. Every setup, needs and ears are different of course. In the end i probably have to give it a try and listen, compare and eventually judge by myself within my own setup i guess... Thanks very much everybody for their thoughts and help!
  4. Wow, that´s interesting. Why is that? I thought this is a "digital issue", so every unit has to deal with it. Maybe @karlw can clear this up a little? Thanks Moe, every information is helpful and welcome. I appreciate it. I already heard, that you can have good results with the LO-power settings at 10 mw. On the other hand, i also read about people noticing the hiss on Cmit´s and even the MKH50! Regarding range..., mounted up on a boom pole, range should be good anyway. I have (and will keep) Lectros HM´s and i absolutely don´t like to worry about range in any given situation. Would be interesting to compare these two (Audio on 10mW). But even, if the A10 can deliver the same range on 10mW, i would always think, would could be possible on 50mW without hiss.... ? Another move to get rid of the hiss would be to mount the TX as far away as possible from the mic. But since i´m using Quicklocks mounted directly to the Cinelas i´m limited in this way.... Kind of sad
  5. Thanks for the Input. I still try to decide... Recently I read a lot about RF-Noise (or hiss) with the A10s and i wonder, if there is a solution for this after all. Since i have several Mini-Cmit (all on different Cinelas, mounted with Quicklocks) and i want to keep this setup, is there anyone with the same setup and has problems? I know, there are some special (shielded) cables and chips from Audio Ltd. and you can also modify your Cinelas, but i rather like NOT to HAVE to do it. I know, the RF-spreading is a digital issue and i heard it on Zax as well, when the mic was to close to the Plug-on TX. Is it the same with the DPR Plug-on? Can anyone confirm this? And why is the DPR-A with the external antenna not available in Europe? Thanks very much everybody !
  6. Same here, using the gap for IFB, but not for the other wireless. You should know, that the gap is just between 823 Mhz and 832 Mhz (and another little gap from 862-865 Mhz, i guess), so it´s not the full E-band. I think you also will be fine with Lectro-Blocks 22-26. A lot of free frequencies in that range and no need to have a licence anymore. But in the end it depends, where you are. The TV-Channels are covering different frequencies in different regions... Greetings from the south of germany
  7. Thanks Glenn, i will keep that in mind and think about it again. Zaxcom has great products and great features, there’s no doubt about it. I think it’s amazing, if you go zaxcom with all your gear to enjoy all the advantages and capabilities in one „eco-system“. But if you’re already invested in another recorder and other gear with SuperSlot Sl6/A10 Rack for example, it‘s not easy to switch step by step at that point... Greetings from Germany and thanks for all your input. This side is really helpfull, thanks so much to everybody 🙏🏼
  8. I´m guessing they are quite similar soundwise. Means absolutely great. That´s a point that makes me wanna switch. But trying stuff at home is not the same than being in real shooting situations. That´s why i´m asking for real experiences. It probably also comes down to other things....: All my wireless is Lectros right now. The backward compatibility from Lectrosonics makes it much easier to switch to new products seamlessly. On the downside Lectro doesn´t have any digital wireless above Block 23 by now and audio ltd. can transmit and record at the same time... But a comparison of range (unter the same conditions) for example would be a very valuable point for me.
  9. Hey there, i try to decide to go Lectro or Audio for the boom. (Sooner or later i also wanna upgrade the bodypacks, but i better wait till there´s sth smaller available than the A10s. Digital SSM´s would be great... ;) ) Has anybody had the chance to compare these two? What do you like/dislike about the units? Experiences? Pro´s and Con´s? Thanks and stay healthy. Tim
  10. General question: Is this „Teradek-war“ still an issue with digital transmitters like A10 or DSQD? Or is it an analog problem?? Or is it even just a Lectrosonics thing?? I have to decide if either invest in Wisycom (still analog) or switch to digital in the future... What do you think??
  11. Hey there, unfortunately it´s not the first time that i´m having a sqeaking Cinela. I had this on the big Piano and also the small Piani. Without the fur, everything is fine. With the fur on, you add some extra weight and the rubber starts squeaking when moving. Any ideas how to fix this?? Thanks. T.
  12. Nice bag Attila!! It looks like you have approx. 3 cm left under the 633. I wonder, if the OR-30 would be a good match to a Sound Devices 833 with two medium NPF (770) on the back?? It would add about 5-6 cm compared to the 633, but i don´t want the Recorder to stick out of the bag too much... Does anybody has experience with the depth of the 833 with NPF´s added on the back? Does anybody know if they will bring out a special bag for the 833? Or should i get the Stingray Small instead?? What do you think...? Thanks everybody. Best, Tim.
  13. Hey there, i have two SrB´s and i´m wondering if they are compatible with the SL2? The SD website says sth about an "audio board update". Does anybody know what this means? Thanks Which SuperSlot receivers are supported by SL-2? SuperSlot is an open standard, wireless receivers from several manufacturers are supported, allowing you to use your favorite brand, as well as leveraging your existing transmitter and receiver investment: Audio Ltd A10-RX Lectrosonics SRb (with audio board update from Lectrosonics) Lectrosonics SRc Lectrosonics SRc-941 Sennheiser EK-6042 Sony DWR-S03D Wisycom MCR-42 (with SLK42-IKSS rear panel adapter from Wisycom)
  14. FYI, from the 8-series FAQ: My setup requires more AES inputs, how can I use more AES sources? An accessory that will allow for up to 8 additional channels of AES (4 AES pairs) is in development. Stay tuned for future updates. Will you make a dedicated control surface designed specifically for the 8-Series? Yes. We are currently developing a bespoke control surface to interface with all 8-Series mixer-recorders. Follow us on our social accounts or register your product to be updated when this control surface is available. I see 32-bit A/D Converters listed in the specs. Is that the same thing as a 32-bit float bit depth? The A/D converters used on the Scorpio, 888, and 833 are 32-bit resolution parts, but this is unrelated to 32-bit float files. The ability to record in 32-bit float is a future possibility.
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