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  1. TimMey

    SD 888

    FYI, from the 8-series FAQ: My setup requires more AES inputs, how can I use more AES sources? An accessory that will allow for up to 8 additional channels of AES (4 AES pairs) is in development. Stay tuned for future updates. Will you make a dedicated control surface designed specifically for the 8-Series? Yes. We are currently developing a bespoke control surface to interface with all 8-Series mixer-recorders. Follow us on our social accounts or register your product to be updated when this control surface is available. I see 32-bit A/D Converters listed in the specs. Is that the same thing as a 32-bit float bit depth? The A/D converters used on the Scorpio, 888, and 833 are 32-bit resolution parts, but this is unrelated to 32-bit float files. The ability to record in 32-bit float is a future possibility.
  2. Does anybody has some reliable informations about the range, compared to other systems? Maybe somebody did an A-B comparison from different models under the same circumstances, this would be very interesting. Especially Comtek compared to Lectro IFB (old IFBs and Duet) would be very interesting to me...
  3. Still hoping for a DSQD in the 600-Mhz range (Block 24-26), this would be great! Is this quite likely or even confirmed already?
  4. TimMey

    SD 888

    I´m really excited, thank you Sound Devices! For me it´s just the perfect size, THE 8 series-recorder i was hoping for. Small enough to fit in a bag and with Dante very cabable to work on a cart with more tracks. Hopefully we gonna see something like a SL4 soon 🙏
  5. Hey Jule, did you find a solution after all? I´m trying to monitor in stereo right now with my 664, but it´s not working as i was hoping. I can hear the Mid-Signal and also the Side-Signal, but it´s not clear left and right. I tried both, linking the channels and monitoring MS-ST. I can hear both signals, but i can´t manage to get it left and right. Either way it´s like this with the side: i can hear the clear-side signal, when i´m speaking to one side of the mic (8) and then i hear the out-of-phase signal, when i´m speaking to the other side of the mic (8). But not LR, just 0° and 180°. What am i missing. It´s ok for me to deliver the ISO´s to post, but i´m still wondering what am i doing wrong? Maybe do you have answers? Best from Munich, Tim.
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