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  1. Great idea! thank you Yes, they were tuned to different frequencies. I thought randomly setting them far apart on the block would help them play nicely together. It turns out the solution was READING THE F'ING MANUAL. Which I just tried, and lo-and-behold, it worked. One is on a Group a freq. One on a Group b freq. They play nice together. But it was worth looking like a dumbass to learn about Freqfinder. Thanks
  2. I've used Lectros for years but always had my lavs on separate blocks. Recently I was gifted a set that shares a block with one of my older sets. Tried searching on the forum and found multiple people confirm that this is possible, but haven't found a clear solution to my problem: I have 2x UCR401 receivers on the same block. When I try to use both my transmitters at the same time (1x Lma & 1x UM400a), only one will work. The Pilot symbol starts flashing on the one that cuts out. Set #1: UCR 401 (firmware v2.6, compat 400) LMa Set #2: UCR401 (firmware v2.8, compat NU HYB) UM400a Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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    Types of jobs you do: Industrial / Corporate, Documentaries, Occasional feature film. Lots and lots of Interviews. Camera audio will be final or reference: I urge reference, however, very few editors in my city understand more than the basics of sound editing. I always record dual system to give them options, and usually output scratch audio to 1 or more cameras. Mono/Stereo hop: Stereo if plugged in directly. Mono mixdowns (or solos) if wireless. I usually just solo my favorite track (boom or lav) instead of a full mono mixdown. I use 2 old pair of Lectro 100's for camera hops and/or director / client monitor. For video village I sometimes use the Lectro 100 receiver into a headphone amp (AC powered) to distribute many headphones. I'm going to switch over to all Sennheiser G3/G4 IEM shortly....about half the price of a Zaxcom TRX/ERX system. Most common cameras you work with: Alexa Mini, Canon C300, Sony Fs7, Canon 5DMKII, occasionally BlackMagic 4K Odyssey7Q pops up a lot on set too, as far as recording Timecode is concerned. TC needs: In the last 10+years I have had only 2 requests for timecode! For both I just ran a BNC cable out of my recorder. Mostly everyone here still wants a scratch track and uses pluraleyes to sync. If requests keep happening, or if I get a gig that requires wireless TC, I'll probably get a few Tentacle Syncs or Ambient NanoLockits.
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