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    Just starting out, looking for advice. Working with friends making small productions looking to up my game.
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  1. Hi Constantin, I am part of the 'millenials', and we have a bad rep for being the entitled generation, and rightly so. We are the generation that wants it all now, instant gratification and we don't really want to slave away and put too much effort in either, especially if there is a youtube video on how to do it quicker. As a generalisation, we would prefer to just jump into a position, rather than work our way up from the bottom. So I can see how from the perspective of someone in the industry who has worked hard for a long time that must be really annoying. I have actually gained a huge heap of info from this thread alone and from people's links and comments. Its been educational! I am grateful to anyone who has taken the time to respond with useful links or info. :) Dan
  2. Simon, thanks for taking the time to write all this. Alot of this is really really useful. Yeah, I did react too much to the first initial responses, because... I am inexperienced. And those first comments made me feel even more so, so it felt good to throw some punches back rather than take the humbling learning blows. But lesson learnt on that one. Next time I wont ask for free beer until I've bought a round. Also, I will refine my questions to be more specific. I can see that alot of threads on here are very specialized. I can see there is a wealth of info and alot of users, I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about my attitude. I'm just here to learn and connect with people and try not to come across as a pleb. and I'll take you up on the offer of that pint, thanks.. just don't call me boy, old man. Also, thanks Vincent & Philip!
  3. Well well well, I seemed to have stumbled into the wrong tavern. Constantin, your son sounds bright for his age, I'm sure he will grow to be a fine young man, despite the condescention I imagine he will have to endure. Maybe your advice would be better received in a parenting forum. Dalton and Jim, thank you for your advice and your welcome, it has been well received. :) In the role I am in, I will be responsible for capturing AND processing the audio, and also creating any background music needed. I understand this is slightly different to the way most of you guys work. I'm really only interested in advice that can help me progress in this regard, not advising me to try different ways of working. Thank you. Dan
  4. Hello folks, Just signed up to this site, this is my first post. This is a pretty basic question but would help me alot. Can anyone talk me through some examples of workflow from capture through to exporting final audio. i.e repair, normalization, eq, compression. And what their go-to/favourite plug-ins / effects are. Please be as detailed as you like. The setup I'm using the most is my Rode NTG2 into Zoom h6 into Logic or Cubase. I have also just recently bought RX Elements. Thanks.
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