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  1. This is an old thread but . . . To prevent the person holding a given mic from being earthed and potentially shocked, do not earth any mic's metallic case. This means connecting the earth-tab to pin one on the input device side only, not the mic/instrament side. The mic cable's braid will shield the signal conductors along the length of the cable. Any EMI striking the cable will be absorbed by the braid and then drained to the chassis ground of the input device. Keep your musicians away from being earthed or they may burst into flames. The differential noise cancellation scheme, which XLR connectors and two conductor mic cables support, will strip away induced EMI at the input device side. However, even better is to divert any EMI away from the signal conductors in the first place; hence the shield. The braided shield should have only one drain location and as it turns out, the only drain location is going to be at the input device. Steve Shockway
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