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  1. I'm interested in your solution. What kind of RF shield cloth did you use, and how?
  2. Recently somebody commented it and it made me think. Since I'm usually the only sound guy on set I never see others boom, except for the few times I had an operator - and those didn't do that. So what I often do is put the boom on my head and hold the rear side with one hand and use my head as a lever, so I have my front hand free. Doesn't cause coises from my clicking elbow or moving my hands, which is nice. So. Am I the only one? Because then it might be something cultural, having grown up in Guatemala where people carry stuff on their head lol
  3. I've had the same issue, but with the PDW xdcam. Not inky that but also I couldn't put my peak levels at above - 10dB on the cam or it would completely distort. Which wouldn't be a problem for me, but I've had complaints that the "audio is too quiet". Any ideas?
  4. We're you able to find the source of the problem?
  5. Hello! I've been using "The Lockit" with my. mixpre 10T II for two months now without anybody complaining, so it seems to work. However I've tried to learn more about what the ACN port is for as compared to the Sync port. What are they used for? The Sync port goes into my recorder, but I just realized that the ACN port works just as well.. Which one should I be using? What's the difference and point of having both? Thanks!
  6. Any plans to make one for the Mixpre 10T II with two SRc?
  7. Definitely! Although also depends on price and if you ship to the EU also
  8. Hey! I am also extremely interested! I could maybe do it myself, but I lack the experience and would probably take ages to do it properly. Thanks Alex Edit: Also those faders! If they are 3D Printed I'd be also interested. I'm in love with your setup
  9. Hey! The STL seems to be unavailable, would you be willing to upload it again?
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