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  1. Hi hi! I was wondering about this Chest Straps, has anyone used it before? Do you girls/guys recommended it?It is very appealing for the right circumstances right? instead of using tape or clip? What do you think?
  2. Awesome!! Thank you so much, I start shooting tomorrow so for the next time I'll bring those, for now I guess I'll change it later in wave agent. Thanks again!
  3. One again the problem with the independence right? You must be connected to camera all times, but in this case the frame rate for default in the mixer is 30fps right?
  4. Thank you so much! Actually today I did some camera tests and the wireless did not work very well, the signal was very low and I had to put the gain level on the camera super high, which has no preamps, so I decided to throw a direct XLR line from the mixer to the lemo adapter. . It worked fine, it just did not give me the independence that I wanted, but the gain in the Alexa was on 0 and I just went up the mixer's output. Another question, in mixpre 6 can only change the frame rate by connecting it to the camera with an HDMI or Aux? There is no other way?
  5. Hey everybody! I have a shooting soon of some short documentaries and I am deciphering the best way to set the sound. So, we're going to work with an Alexa Mini (already that's a problem). The director wants a reference to the camera and I was thinking of creating a Wireless Hop with a sennheiser G3 (it's what I have on hand and there's no budget for something better). I have a sound device mixpre 6 with output 3.5 jack to which I want to connect a 3.5mm Stereo Splitter, 3 Males, to connect 2 G3 transmitters, one that goes to the receiver connected to the Alexa Mini with a male adapter xlr to 5 pin lemo. And another to the receiver of the director so that he has reference as well. Is this approach crazy? Using a splitter in the output damages the signal? Or connected to 2 transmitters? I appreciate all the comments.
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