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    I’m a full time non union sound mixer, boom operator. I have a degree in audio production and have experience in just about every type of audio production. Am always looking to learn and expand my horizons.
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  1. Hey all you need is an A-box wooden camera sells ones that hook up to red using one of the Lima connections. There’s tons of products to put on your red I’m not a hundred percent sure if you need another attachement to hook the abox into but all the abox is two female xlr inputs attached to a little Lima type cable from there once your lectro is hooked up just use the touch screen on the red to adjust levels pretty straight forward I. Finding the audio menu start wth the setting and you will find audio and all the other adjustments. I’ve worked with just about every red camera version that has come out to date and know my way around it in regards to audio. Hope that helped
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