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  1. I don't know, but I think they will do so. Just send them an email in advance and ask. So they might tell you also the shipping costs. The german price includes 19% VAT. Greetings
  2. Hi, where are you from? In Germany I bought mine here. Fast delivery and good communication. http://www.mes-musik.de/epages/MES-Musikelektronik_DigitalMediaService.mobile/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/MES-Musikelektronik_DigitalMediaService/Products/M310&Locale=de_DE Greetings
  3. I've been on a campsite near Paris for documentary work and made some location recordings with my m310. I've uplaoded a video on youtube of a ballad recorded in an ORTF like setup at about 5 feet distance from the two musicians. I've used two Rycote Baby Ball Gags as wind protection. There was quite some ambient noise around so the recordings conditions where far from ideal, but nevertheless I like the result. Also 10 days of camping in humid conditions near the river Seine the mics survived without any problem. Greetings PS: Here's a cellphone snapshot from the setup somebody made during the recording
  4. All DC-biased microphones are sensitive to humidity. Only the RF-biased ones (like many Sennheisers and some Rode, or Deity ones) are less senitive to humidity. Greetings
  5. @ The Immoral Mr Teas Haha... yes I can update you with a picture soon, but they look quite similar Regarding the frequency plot they add only a generic one. The new micrphone has al lower serial number (#176) than the one I bought 3 month ago (#182) and they where both send to me directly from the factory, as the german dealer told me. They also sell matched pairs but then you have to buy their suspensions with the pair. At least the recording engeneres I've talked to in other forums told me that in most cases you don't need a matched pair (except on some brand that have large tollerances) and it is often a bit of a marketing gag. For decades no sound engeneer used matched pairs and made beautiful recordings. I think the biggest trouble you can have is when the senitivity varies and you have to use different gains. But in my case they seem to match quite well for music applications. And for ambience sounds decorrelation is what I want. So the matching is not so important anyways. @ Werner Althaus Yes, there might be some old mics that they don't support because they have no spare parts any more, but generally their support is quite good. At least here in germany. Greetings
  6. Today I got my second M310 for stereo recordings and it seems to be pretty identical with the first one I got. I've tried to compare them on different frequencies with a tone generator and some white and pink noise and couldn't note a difference between the mics in my DAW. The tollerances in manufacturing seem to be very small. So I'm quite happy. Any further suggestions how to compare them? Greetings
  7. Well, in the sand on a beach it works quite well ...but I guess we're getting off topic Greetings
  8. @ JonG The term graphite is used as a synonym for carbon fiber, but actually they are all carbon fiber poles. Both graphite and carbon fiber contain carbon, but carbon fiber is a long ploymer that has to be treaded to become carbon fiber, where graphite is a hexagonal structure of pure carbon atoms. Graphite is quite fragile and you'll find it in pencils, for example. Greetings
  9. @ Constantin It's not about the max SPL of the microphone. The recording clips because in most apps you can't lower the gain enough to avoid clipping. With Pfitzingers Field Recorder App it might work. It has a low recording gain for loud events (especially for Samsung smartphones). Usually the signal is too hot when you use it on an instrument, because the amplification of the smartphone (from manufacturer side) is very high and can't be lowered enough via the app. Greetings
  10. Most lavalier mics are to sensitive for an applicaiton directly on the instrument, unless you get special ones with low sensitivity. As your smartphone app is limited in setting the gain your recordings will clip in most cases. The idea to use your phone with an lavalier will work if you can position your mic close enough to the musician to get more direct sound from the instrument than reflected one. So it mailnly depends on the limitations you have in placing the mic. Distant micing with a lavalier usually won't work well. Greetings
  11. Rode launches their new TF-5 microphone (small diaphragm cardioid) as a matched pair for 1500,- U$. Seems to be the first microphone of a new product line. https://www.rode.com/tf-5 Greetings
  12. Hopefully they deliver it with a pair of tweezers to be able to operate the unit Greetings
  13. Nice recording! Usually I'm not a big fan of added reverb but with your flute sounds it fits well. I guess you recorded it quite dry. Just for curiousity... do you know what kind of reverb was used? Greetings
  14. The bass response is quite good in my opinion. But this might not be an advantage for booming dialog, Surley in most cases for musical applications. Also the rolloff seems smooth and the off axis sound not very colorated. but I'm not an expert on that. I'm just starting out with sound. You might hear some differences in a direct comparison with a schoeps or a sennheiser, but even then it's hard to tell wich one is which. There are only a few comparisions between the Schoeps Mk4/MK41, the Gefell M300, and the Neumann KM184 online, and I don't find them very helpful. To me the sound of the Gefell is rich and natural. Here's a link to a guy who compared them: Greetings
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