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  1. Thanks again for all the comments. It's really usefull to get some personal experiences on this topic. Greetings
  2. Unfortunately wireless is actually no option for me, because looseless transmission is still quite expensive. I mostly work on own projects, or ones with very small budget. Greetings
  3. Yes, if most boom ops use external cables maybe that's the way to go. At least I'll learn how to handle it And in case the cable get's me often in trouble I still have the opportunity to cable the pole by myself. So I think I will look for an uncabled boompole. Greetings
  4. Thanks Philip, so you think there is no right or wrong way to go? No, I've never used a longer pole. I just thought that the longer the pole the more difficult the cable handling will be. Greetings
  5. Hello, I have a 12' Boompole that I mainly use for indoor work. But in the future I would like to get a longer pole (about 18') for outdoor work. As a boom operator on a beginner level I wonder if it would be easier to work with a pole with internal cabeling, or is it no big difference? I mean, handeling an external cable on a longer boom might be trickier than on a short one. Are there good ways or tricks to fix an external cable (clamps, or velcro straps)? What's faster to use? Thanks in advantage pillepalle
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