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  1. Hi All, I have recently added the MicPlexer 2 to my bag (788T)which has Lectrosonics SRC and LR receivers. I am using a Lectro passive shark fin and a SNA600a dipole. My receivers are in Lectro block 26 and I have set the MicPlexer to the bulk 26 setting. The performance seems to be no better than the passive shark fin and SNA600a plugged into one of my Lectro SRC receivers, in fact it seems to be performing slightly less efficiently (e.g. less range) My cable run to the shark fin is only 3m RG58. Would I get better range with an active antenna even though my understanding is that active antennas are for long cable runs? I have some guys say they do get better range with the active antenna. Also when I switch the block setting on the Micplexer to block 20 (with mics still in block 26) I'm still receiving audio? Glen from Zaxcom would you enlighten me further on the micplexer should I still be hearing the audio?
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