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  1. Think I might have seen this linked here? Edit: news story says this was a Sony: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/arts/music/article-lost-live-recording-of-joni-mitchell-by-jimi-hendrix-resurfaces-after/
  2. 7.17 just released, seems to address this. "Rare, brief interruptions of audio in recorded files and USB outputs no longer occur." https://www.sounddevices.com/download/?prod=mixpre-10-ii
  3. Couple of shrink tape and "liquid electrical tape" pointers from 2012.
  4. That's Patrick's fine design and 3D print, I think. See up-thread: It looks like the 3D printed accessory shown in their video of DSLR use, about 2:19, so perhaps that's what Sonosax provides in the mounting accessory files they mention on their M2D2 page. The pictures are of a different bracket, and I can't actually see a link there at the moment, so contact Sonosax if you don't find them. https://sonosax.ch/product/sx-m2d2/
  5. Shure has an interesting theater tips video where this comes up. The notes for the video list gauge and type of wire. Ear rig action starts 41:30ish.
  6. Ask Gene Martin at Audio Dept/Sound Guys Solutions? That MMA-A mount (and maybe a couple of the other bits) look 3D printed, I think? Might've been his prototypes.
  7. If that's a modular windshield (WS2 or WS3?) I think you want this bit: https://www.reddingaudiostore.com/catalog/item/8157888/8840148.htm They say: Rycote M5 Modular Star Knob and M5 washer, part number 048432 Rycote M5 Modular Star Knob and M5 washer, for securing bracket to modular bar. A Modular suspension requires two star knobs in use. It's $7USD at Redding, but probably findable elsewhere given the part number. At some point Rycote seems to have made their own parts catalogue less findable, but you could probably confirm the windshield model and go from there to try to find the specific part if this isn't it. Redding has a pretty comprehensive breakdown of Rycote (and other kit they deal in ) here: https://www.reddingaudiostore.com/replacementparts.html Contact: Redding Audio, LLC 101 N Plains Industrial Road, Building 4 Wallingford, CT 06492 203.269.1808, sales@reddingaudio.com www.reddingaudio.com
  8. Smallrig has a bunch of cable clamps that'll mount to cheeseplates and 15mm rods etc. https://www.smallrig.com/search.php?search_query=cable&section=product Doesn't sound like you need They'll also cheerfully listen to design ideas and give you credit and one of the finished product (for ffree). It seems so cheerful it can't be at all piratical. https://www.smallrig.com/co-designs/ Camvate is in that same space, seem to be of identical quality (in my limited experience) and generally has a little wider range of audio-friendly bobs. Their cable section includes clamps and actual cables. https://www.camvate.com/collections/cable-connector-444 Cables, for example: https://www.camvate.com/products/camvate-mini-3pin-xlr-male-to-full-3pin-xlr-female-cable-for-bmpcc4k-2377 They generally include specs for supported diameters on clamps and things, so you can almost certainly tinkertoy something up.
  9. Appears to be live now. Little more detail on K-Tek's site, and a video. https://ktekpro.com/product/kstglx-k-tek-stingray-large-x-audio-mixer-recorder-bag-x-series/ I totally forgot that they ran that video for it during Sound Summit earlier this year. To be fair, it was 2:18 minutes in...
  10. I see there're a couple of MX-5050s coming up for auction in Canada this week. https://bid.asta.auction/search?key=otari&xclosed=on&xclosed= No affiliation, but I bought some DPAs when the Canadian distributor used these guys for old stock clearout. That experience was fine. They were booking pandemic online 'viewings' back then due to pandemic: I didn't bother since everything I was looking at was new, but this lot is much harder-ridden, so might be a good idea. Factoring in shipping/brokerage and the fairly hefty 17% buyers' premium on this sale probably makes this more mildly interesting than attractive, but might be worth checking out if somebody's looking. Not shilling, but of course I'll take this down if it's inappropriate.
  11. Razor blade, gently and obliquely applied to an edge might give you enough to peel the rest off. Perhaps some slight chance of scraping the surface. Or slicing off a fingertip.
  12. Looks like there's a Large-X coming, KSTGLX. When I inquired about options for a 788t/cl-8 in current offerings (now that the medium's retired), Tino responded that this was coming Julyish, and would work. He said it'll have the Stingray X features; a little smaller than the current large, and a little roomier than the medium. I wonder if B&H have jumped the gun a little, as it's not up at usual suspects, and there's no marketing metadata for the page. $389.90USD in orange: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1639190-REG/k_tek_kstglx_stingray_large_x_orange_for_sd.html Presumably purple premium for purple premium people? Noyzboyz.nl has it up, too, with pics. €360,58 before VAT. https://www.noyzboyz.nl/en/k-tek-kstglx.html Might still go for a used medium, though.
  13. Lectrosonics seems to have an ebay outlet. (News to me.) They have some UCR401s there at the moment as new old stock with full warranty for $399USD. If you can pick up some transmitters used, that's ballpark. https://www.ebay.com/usr/lectrosonics
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