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  1. Hi JonG, Thanks for such a detailed and interesting take on all this. For a split second I thought you were telling me that my current mic (a "MK4" too but Sennheiser) was a perfectly good choice for what I'm doing 😊 !! I have already been told here that going for a Neumann TLM 103 (which was my initial intention before catching on to the idea of a shotgun mic) wouldn't make much of a difference, but this would have REALLY taken me back to square one !! Mind you, it's a comforting thought wallet-wise ! But I feel like I'm getting into a totally different game here. If I understand correctly the Schoeps MK4 is "just" the capsule that needs to be associated with a CMC mic amp ? That will basically blow my budget through the roof ... As for preamps, I 've been hoping all along that my Audient iD22 audio interface would have enough gain to drive more or less any mic I can throw at it, including dynamics such as an EV - RE-27 or Shure SM7.
  2. Hey Jim, Thanks very much for that ! Just listened to the shootout ... Most informative ! Also revealing as to how some mics can flatter one voice and make another unpleasant, such as the RE-27 (mic R) that sounds great on the bassy male voice but shrill / harsh on the other male voice.
  3. Great insights Werner, thank you ! I had looked at the MD 441, overlooked in fact ... I think it was simply its looks that had me thinking "really ?", which of course is totally daft, and all the more because we share the same age so chances are the mic would take one look at me and also think "really ??" 😂 ... Seriously, I like the idea that it might be the closest thing to getting a condenser mic while still having the advantages of a dynamic. I really need to try that one out ... Hi Borjam ... I've seen plenty of reviews by voice actors giving the CAD e300 plenty of praise. Another worthy contender to add to my list, especially considering the much more accessible price. ................. Just wanted to add a HUGE THANK YOU to all you kind and resourceful people who responded so swiftly to my queries. My first time posting here so I didn't quite know what to expect. And now I do : A truly great community !
  4. No misunderstanding Constantin. I was just wondering if you agreed with what appears to be the general consensus that only condenser mics should be considered for voice over. I'm glad you mentioned the RE-20 though. I'll be looking into that one.
  5. Yeah, I get it Vincent ... Cheers ! I’m curious what this mic + plugin solution really is capable of. I’ll look into it.
  6. So getting back to voiceover and the Sennhesiser MKH 8060 … 😉 Jokes aside, thanks for the info regarding the slate ML2 Vincent. I know Slate more for their plugins than their mics. A pretty tall order for a $150 mic to be able to mimic all or any of those revered mics, but be it the case or not it’s the fiddling around with software to dial in the right kind of tone or character that would be my grudge. I want to keep my recording process as simple and straightforward as possible, which basically means pressing record in adobe audition and being happy with what I hear “out of the box” ☺️
  7. Thank you very much for your rental suggestions Chris and OnTheSoundSideOfLife ! I'm onto it !! Constantin : I appreciate your feedback. Yes, my room still needs adjustments; soundproofing AND further acoustic treatment, but I'm slowly getting there, so I would hate to use my perfectible room as a lousy excuse not to invest in a high quality shotgun mic. That being said the fact that my room probably never will be as quiet as I would like it to be obviously had me considering a dynamic mic too, but it just doesn't appear to be the norm for voice actors. Condenser mics appear to be the only "serious" choice for voice over in practically every resource or discussion I've come across. But if you - or anyone else for that matter - can challenge that claim I'd be more than happy to add dynamic mic recommendations to my list of mics to try out !
  8. Cheers for that Chris ! I'm banking on that holding true for the 8060 too ...And yes, I agree that would be the safest and most efficient approach to finding a suitable mic for my voice. Unfortunately I don't know of any places here in France that offer such a rental service, if one even exists ... You wouldn't happen to know or be able to recommend a good place in Germany for that, would you ?
  9. Hi, Over the past few weeks I've been looking extensively into acquiring a new mic to replace my Sennheiser MK-4 for general voice over work. I initially had my mind set on getting a Neumann TLM 103 or possibly some other large diaphragm condenser in the same $1000 price range, but along the way I stumbled upon quite a few voice artists praising shotgun mics such as the Sennheiser MKH 416 as their go-to mic in the booth, and that kind of threw me off track ... I believe there would be at least two benefits to this in my particular case : 1) Having the mic at a more comfortable (further) distance without picking up too much room tone and therefore getting rid of pesky pop filters that can often get in the way of viewing scripts properly. Similarly, keeping the mic out of view should I decide to start creating some video content. 2) A super-cardioid pattern would pick up significantly less noise than a typical large diaphragm mic in what is admittedly not a brilliantly soundproofed recording space. I'm not married to Sennheiser but as the 416 seems to crop up everywhere I've been looking more specifically at their range of products, and for now I would rather go with the MKH 8060, not because it's a more recent model but because I'm scared the 416 might me a tad too bright for my voice. I'm hoping some of you might care to share their views / experience on using shotguns for this particular purpose and/or which mics they would recommend ? Cheers,
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