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  1. 788T low voltage set at 11.3. Battery not recognised by device..
  2. I checked the voltage output on recorders (633 and 788t), but not recognised so did not get a reading. I don't have a voltmeter, but can borrow one. Anything in particular I am looking for? Thank you for your reply.
  3. Power distro box is the NPC-SQN4 Hawkwoods Shoe, using SWIT S-8073N batteries to power some RX units and a 788t w/ CL9. Very strange issue with one of the batteries on a job this week, wondering if someone with more know-how may shed some light on this: Fully charged and inserted into shoe, with corresponding switches on, the battery can power the RX units with no issue, but isn't recognised by the 788t (which is powered by main cable out of shoe - RXs connected to shoe with 4-pin HIROSE to 4-pin HIROSE cables). Only one battery does this, all other NP1s power it no pro
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