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  1. I uploaded some recordings of me playing a short theme on the trumpet: https://audiomack.com/album/stephanwehner/swan-lake-theme-recordings There are a few different combinations of 1. Tascam DR-44WL 2. Shure SM57 3. Behringer ECM8000 The physical arrangement is : me blowing into the Shure (at an angle), the Tascam is 2 arms lengths away, the Behringer same distance again; all approx. at the same height. A regular kitchen. My questions: The Behringer and the Tascam tracks sound pretty much the same to me, which I hadn't expected. Now I'm thinking they're both condenser's so that explains it. But then again, the Behringer is supposed to be flat, as it is meant for measurements. How can I hear that? The Tascam track sounds the best from the "solo" tracks (only one source). Why would that be? Mixing more than one together (Tascam+Behringer, Tascam+Shure) sounds better than single mic tracks, mixing all together sounds best among these. Why? Any advice on putting equalization on the Behringer? The last track has reverb added (using sox, http://sox.sourceforge.net/sox.html). Is this legit? Seems like the easiest way to get a good sound out of this. Any general feedback also appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the answers, everyone, especially since my question was a bit vague!
  3. I don't watch reality TV shows often but when I stumble into one, I find the sound of the voices really annoying. I don't know what it is. Something sounds wrong, and off, in a strange way that I cannot describe. I'm not asking about the music or special sounds that may be used in such shows, I'm asking about the way people's voices sound. Examples: RuPaul's Drag Race Great Canadian Baking Show Both of these are recorded in the studio. The production crew is not struggling with the outdoors and doesn't have to chase after contestants running away as in other reality shows. As far as I can tell they are in good control of the recording environment. They do sound annoying in the same way to me. Sometimes I think it may be that the voices are rerecorded, and replaced, so that they are not matched up with the situation as it can be seen, or are out of synch with the person's natural movement. Is that possible? Or: are they using microphones that capture too much of the sound, so that it doesn't actually sound right? Or: do they apply dynamic range compression in order to make it sound more striking and attention grabbing, but introducing distortions that throw me off?
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