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  1. Hey everyone!


    Nice to meet you all.  I've been considering a Nagra 4.2 for some mono reel to reel projects for various sound-quality related reasons, and I was wondering if you guys knew any place in the U.S. that could help me with my search?  I've been in touch with someone in the UK who restores Nagras, but I was wondering if there was someone stateside that has a regular inventory, offers a warranty, etc. 


    I've had a difficult time in my search over the last couple of months and seem to be only to locate both service technicians and sellers in the EU.  Any thoughts or tips?  I wish I lived in a city/place where I could demo the unit, but it also seems like that's not in the cards.  Anything to consider beyond dynamic/condenser mic capabilities and whether it has sync---specifically, questions that could help me avoid a bad unit?  There are several on Ebay, but I think my fear is that I order one that has issues and then do not have someone handy to repair/restore in the U.S.

    Thanks, everyone! 



  2. Hello, everyone! 


    I'm new to the site.  So, I apologize if this has been answered/discussed elsewhere, but I have not had enough time to go through all the old threads.  This forum is such a wealth of knowledge.  I'm glad I was allowed to join. 


    Something you all might be able to help me with:   I've been looking to pick up a Nagra 4.2/Nagra III for music-production-related uses.  My question for you all is how much maintenance is generally required on these machines and are there people in the U.S. that will still services them?  It seems to me that parts might be hard to come by for a Nagra III vs. a Nagra 4.2, as well.  


    Any tips you guys would have in locating and purchasing one?  Things to look for/consider (other than basic things, like condenser v. dynamic mic capability?). Ideally, I'd be able to see it function in person.  But given the scarcity state-side, I'm not sure I'll be able to do that. 


    Thanks, everyone! 



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