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  1. SWDuncan

    Stereo RE50

    Has there ever been such a thing as an RE50-style mic but in MS stereo? The VP88 is close, and that is what I'm going to get, I guess, but is there something else smaller? I know a lot of folks are concerned about noise, but in this case I'm not. At least not self noise. I AM concerned about handling noise and size. Handheld stereo mic, preferably reporter style, preferably MS. Any ideas?
  2. That's what I have now. It works pretty well, but I recently had some whistling from the wind through the suspension of the Rycote mount, and the string with toggle on the furry that goes with the BBG has a habit of getting loose and banging against things and making noise. Last but not least, the the mic tends to get rotated/moved, and sometimes things snag the cable. In short, it works for blocking the wind most of the time but is fiddly. I hate fur. It's always getting caught in the zipper of whatever bag I put it in, unless I take it off the basket and turn it inside out but then it's a few minutes of getting it back on. DanieldH - I'm making recordings for my own use, usually (but not always) on outings where collecting sound isn't the primary purpose. Ambiences, the sounds of vacation, simply interesting stuff. Not sound for film, ENG, etc. Most of the time the mic is stationary or handheld, not being moved much (as it would be for booming on dialog I'm guessing). I have a BP4025 which is what I use 90% of the time. I also have a BP4029 that I'd like to use more often, but it won't work with the BBG I already have, and the BP4025 is too heavy for the suspension in the Rode blimp the BP4029 lives in. Since sound is usually secondary two blimps is one too many. So, the WS3 would probably fit both mics (not ideal for the BP4029), would probably work pretty well, but will probably need fur most of the time and changing mics is probably not as easy as the Cyclone. The cyclone is larger, maybe less fiddly, and the difference in spec between both mics is just the suspension. The cyclone does not come with a hand grip, which is a bit of a minus, but I can get an accessory grip.
  3. Thanks for the reply! You're right, the fur is extra. I was assuming that the cyclone was as effective without fur as the regular stuff was with fur - this seems to be what Rycote is saying, is it what you have seen as well? If so I can accept paying more for the fur if I decide if I need it. I'm in the US, and the WS 3 XLR-5F kit, 086069 is $629 and the Stereo Cyclone 089130 is $649, without fur. I was assuming that the cyclone was as effective without fur as the regular stuff was with fur, and I can accept paying more for the fur if I decide if I need it. The cyclone is 15mm longer, 60mm wider. The weight isn't so clear - medium cyclone is 647g, but there's no weight shown for a WS3. The WS4 is 700g, I'm assuming that includes the fur.
  4. Hi All - I'm looking at getting a blimp specifically for the Audio Technica BP4025, and Rycote suggests either the WS 3 modular windshield or the Cyclone medium. They're $20 apart in price. The WS 3 is smaller and probably lighter, but does the cyclone have an advantage wind-wise? Anyone have experience with both? Thanks!
  5. When I search for CMS-50 I get four threads: The first is this one, and discusses mainly price: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/33056-sanken-cms-50-a-very-compact-mid-side-shotgun-for-us1750-coming-this-june Chucklebeans does state it’s easy to carry. Second is this one, with a cross reference to the first thread: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/29531-ms-mic-for-documentaries Third is this one, which ends with a comment about it being on a boat to the US: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/33526-sanken-reveals-a-new-short-stereo-shotgun-mic/&tab=comments#comment-361813 Last one talks about wind protection, but no comment on the mic’s performance. https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/34735-windshield-for-sanken-cms-50/ What am I missing? Am I using the wrong search term?
  6. Are there any reviews of this mic? I've looked but so far haven't found anything.
  7. Just saw that Full Compass has this mic for $895, but I have yet to find a review anywhere.
  8. So Conleec, you've had it for a while now, How's it working for you? I was set to get the OR-270, but you're situation is similar to mine, so now I'm wondering about K-tec... Thanks! Steve
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