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  1. Thanks for taking the survey! The reason it is vague is that I personally have no experience working with music in DAWs, my field of study is focused on film and TV, so there are things that I wouldn't have thought of. It is still something I should have done more research on, but making any big changes now would skew earlier data, and I sadly don't have time to redo the survey.
  2. Hi, I am a university student currently working on my final paper. The thesis is based around DAWs, mainly Pro Tools, and whether or not it really is the industry standard. As part of the project, I need data in order to confirm or deny the various questions I am presenting. In order to achieve this, I have created a survey that I hope as many as possible will be able to answer. It should take no more than a few minutes, and is completely anonymous. Link to survey (Google Forms, link shortened): https://forms.gle/TMofNMN47bh5Giq48 Thank you to everyone who answers, your help is very much appreciated. Kind regards, Daniel Sjåvik Nord University, Norway
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