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  1. Hi Kisaha! I just switched from a Canon T6 to a Canon T7i so hopefully that helps with the overall quality.
  2. Hi guys! So this summer I’m planning on going on a trip to the Philippines where I’ll be recording a speaker there for 10 days! I’m extremely excited but also very curious about gear. So, I’m going as a one man crew, filming and recording audio at the same time. The person I’m filming will largest be holding meetings outdoors, so I’ll have to be recording him there. In the day time, I’ll be moving around a lot, and as are documentary short films, many of the situations will be “run and gun.” What I Have: have a Canon T6 DSLR and a rhode mic, however, with a budget of roughly $500 I plan on buying some gear soon. I was trying to figure out what gear I should get for recording audio. I know you guys are experts in this field so I came to you. I know much of this probably seems amateur, but I believe in making the most for a less than ideal situation, so I’m turning to you guys. Any tips on what I should buy? Thanks!! Kent Corbin kentcor@mail.regent.edu
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