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  1. Do you get the same results with the standard whip antennas that come with it?
  2. After watching this I don't know how anyone could seriously consider this system. It's cool that it does all these things but if you're walking on eggshells with it all day worried about dropouts, what's the point.
  3. As someone else suggested, buy it from somewhere you can return it. Wireless is a tricky thing and it’s almost impossible to predict without trying it out. If you’re getting good results with your Rode, then you’ll probably be fine with the Deity.
  4. Don’t see why it’s a problem that you’re not using tentacles. They jam with any other device on the market just fine.
  5. It’s still just a prototype. You should provide that feedback to them and who knows...
  6. I wonder if it can record both inputs at the same time or if they switch like on the Rode plug-on. Would be cool to be able to feed it Timecode from a tentacle while recording audio on the XLR.
  7. You can sort of. I’ve done it before with a tentacle. Set it to record Ch 5 & 6 with no timecode. You use your sync box to record the timecode as an audio source and then use Tentacle Studio to sync. It figures out that Tr 6 is Timecode and uses that to sync.
  8. I found their products on AliExpress but all of the transmitters looked like they are huge and fit in a rack. Do you know if they have a body pack style transmitter or if you have to use a G3?
  9. I know that Sony A7Rlll has a Timecode option in the menu. I would guess that you set it to free run and then have your tentacle in Green mode, plug it into the Mic input jack and away you go. Otherwise, just have your tentacle in green mode, plug it into the Mic input and then go about your shoot. When you get back to your computer use Tentacle Studio to sync the footage with your external audio.
  10. I haven't as I don't have another one. I'm hoping to take it in to Lectro in the next couple of and see if they can troubleshoot it further. From the responses I've gotten here and on Facebook, it seems to not be something to do with my settings and the unit is actually damaged
  11. Hey all, I posted this on the Lectro Facebook group, but I'm hoping someone here might be able to shed some light as well. I'm having a really strange issue with my SRa receiver that I can't seem to figure out. I have an SRa on the latest firmware along with two SMDa's. I noticed lately that one channel is WAY louder than the other but I was on set and didn't have much time to troubleshoot. When I got home I took my time and this is what I'm seeing. Channel 2 is consistantly and significantly louder than channel 1. The levels for both channels on the SRa are both set to +5. I tried swapping the mics - no difference I tried changing the inputs on my recorder - no difference I checked that the TX and the RX were set at the same level - no difference, didn't matter which TX I used Checked compatibility modes - no difference Checked Pilot tone was active - no difference Phase both set to + Swapped cables - no difference Essentially no matter what I do, anything I output from Ch 2 is about 20-30db louder than Ch 1. All I need to do is swap the cable from Ch 1 to Ch2, set the Freq and bam, it starts peaking like crazy. I've tried every possible combination and to rule out cables, mics, recorder settings etc. Any thoughts?
  12. On the main screen hit the track name, it’ll list all the tracks. Scroll down to the take you want and select it.
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