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  1. Curious if there's a pic of the "sleeping bag" rig. Maybe it's me but I can't find said pic? Thanks for sharing. Best, Dean Sent from my iPad - Dean Gudmundson shadowsnd@aol.com
  2. Splendid job. Elegant and clean. I'm still working off a PSC sound cart upright I received for some music playback on an episodic I did years ago, instead of a money. Production bought it for a British sound mixer and I ended up with it. No complaints. Sans Pelican battery of course, heavy? Looks like a few heavy rack mount drawers. I can't seem to find any light ones. Just ordered Manfrotto triple head. This forum is setting me back some duckets. Like the majority of us sound mixers I love new practical solutions, especially if they're lighter than what I've been doing (C-Stand arm). Thanks for sharing. Best, Dean Sent from my iPad - Dean Gudmundson shadowsnd@aol.com
  3. "The Grande Dame of Sound Carts". Should be behind a display case. Best, Dean Gudmundson Sent from my iPad - Dean Gudmundson shadowsnd@aol.com
  4. Caveat - These tools don't play well with BNCs that have the rubber strain relief sleeves. As all mine seem to have. Can't get past sleeve to grab any skirt. I have two of them at different lengths and seems I end up using my clumbsy fingers old school. Best, Dean Gudmundson Sent from my iPad - Dean Gudmundson shadowsnd@aol.com
  5. Hi Larry, First off you rock sharing your wealth of knowledge so generously. I for one have never entertained the idea of using any other wireless product then Lectrosonics...20+ years and still a happy customer in no small part for the personal customer service you provide. Off topic a bit: SNA-600. I have a few of these and would like to keep using them with new SRb now (Block 21) passively for now. Can you tell me (or link me) what part I need to adapt SMA antennae connector to BNC for SNA-600s? Have looked around at your website with no luck. Also where I can order the tiny screws that hold the sliders in. Lost a few over the years. Surgical tape holding them together now. Something I can get at Home Depot? All the best, Dean Gudmundson Sent from my iPad - Dean Gudmundson shadowsnd@aol.com
  6. Brilliant. It works. I brought my kids and wife in for a demonstration as they're always pinching AA's off my cart or from my van then leave the carcasses laying around. Easy, quick way to know to throw them in my dead battery bucket. My rechargeables are hidden away for at home and set where crew always ask to "borrow 4 x AA's". "You have any AAA's?" Tiresome handing out batteries on set, should set a tip jar on my cart and a per/use fee for charging iPhones. Depending on the person whatever flavor they ask for I tell them I don't use them anymore. Tell everyone that what's left on my cart at wrap becomes my property, I will not hunt down offenders that leave their crap on my carts. Nearest chair will suffice /-). Best, Dean Gudmundson Sent from my iPad - Dean Gudmundson shadowsnd@aol.com
  7. Gentlemen, Catching up on the forum tonight and was curious to hear how most of you handle village audio. I own/operate a 2 camera HD Qtake package also. I mix the audio and get a freelancer to handle my Qtake when I book both sound and video. I tend to wear two hats on most of my shoots, assisting vtr operator when he's in the weeds. Video assist assistant is rare here, even getting a boom op can be problematic. I use a 664 to send hardwired 2 trk audio break aways to cameras. So I was wondering if/what the Standard MO may be in other markets. What I've been doing is: Hardwire XLR cable mono mix from 664 back to feed VTR. Live feed off 664 for Comteks - xmitter on sound cart. For playbacks off Qtake I enable a SpeakEZ mounted below Directors monitor via Behringer mixer/switcher. Along with a SpeakEZ mounted in my video cart for the gallery. Has worked well except when director wants a covert video playback with sync sound. "Kill agency audio and video, please and thank you". I was wondering: - Send VTR a constant pre fade feed? - Does VTR capture sound off SDI cable back from camera and sound not provide an analog hardwire? - Privacy: Do you mute or turn down mics between shots or do you expect VTR to mute speaker at village, if it's far enough away that speaker can be left on? - Feed Comtek xmitter from VTR cart so everyone can listen to playback off their headsets? -Who's responsibility to mute/fade between shot set chatter? VTR or sound mixer? I usually fade down mixer just enough to so the gallery know their Comtek battery is not dead. Sucks when 3 people stand behind you tapping you on the shoulder "I think my battery just died" when you're deep in it. - Or producer discretely asking me to leave mics up or off between takes. -Only once has it really been an issue with a director -uncomfortable. 99% shoots no one cares, they're too busy on laptops, phones, Pads, Starbucks order, Fugi water, a hot power strip, iPhone charger....... Interested in how other mixers handle this potentially delicate matter. All the best, Dean Gudmundson
  8. Hello all, Yesterday did first 12 hour cart job with new SD 664 and new Lectro SRb RX. I'm using Eneloop XX 2500 mHa rechargeables topped up from Titanium Smart Fast 16 Bay Charger night before. First time using AA rechargeables. Wondering: Reasonable TX run time (ball park) at 100 or 250 power settings. Does changing power setting upset the timer during the day? We reset power to 250 from 100 when set kept running away from my cart on the exteriors. Maybe this messed with timer read out? Have you found that 250 power benefit is worth extra battery drain? Set it and forget it? Best to leave it at 250 all the time? I know "IT DEPENDS" on - fill in the blank. I'm just wondering what others are doing. I was pleasantly surprised with signal power using just the whip antennas on RX in my bag. Digital read out from RX on both TX read around 3:34 when they powered down. I didn't notice low battery warning, most likely it did flash I probably missed it. Does warning come on with plenty of time to replace batts? Appreciate hearing any comments/tips. Am I missing anything obvious? My settings: -Smart Diversity. -COMPAT mode set to HYBRID. -Batt type set to AAT as recommended in manual. -TIM - Timer monitor. Best, Dean Gudmundson
  9. Hey Guys, Appreciate everyone who chimed in giving their opinions on bag in battle. Looks like I'm going to go Petrol for 664. I have been using Petrol bag now for 744T and 442 for a few years and have been happy with it. Beauty of JW forum. Good job Jeff. Best, Dean Gudmundson South Florida
  10. Hey Gentlemen, Just took delivery on a 664. Now kitting up. Curious who's happy and who's not with the bag you purchased to house this bad boy and why? Background: Mostly cart guy, commercials. However, to keep 664 off the shelve I may have to shoulder 664 and at least 4 radios. Jump from 744T/442 Petrol. Appreciate your comments and insight. South Florida no audio houses, would be nice to shop, kick the tires and check under the hood before I buy blindly via 'pretty' jpgs. Have closet full of internet mistakes I'm too lazy to return. Constant lurker. Best, Dean Gudmundson South Florida
  11. Gentlemen, I've been entertaining the thought of getting a SD PIX 240: http://www.sounddevices.com/products/pix.htm. to use, as a back up recorder to my SD 744T (amongst other uses). Any thoughts as why it couldn't quickly swap out a 744T? Looks like another home run from Sound Devices. One feature I would've like to see is the ability to handle composite video. Sound Devices must have their reasons for omitting standard definition. Looking forward to hearing how it performs on location. All the best, Dean Gudmundson Sound Mixer and QTake Owner/Operator South Florida
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