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    Recent work injury has forced change in career. Quit my crappy film course and went looking for work instead. Liking the technical aspect of sound and it's necessity!
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  1. dtrg

    New SD 833

    The Nova automix is pretty awesome, better then the auto mixers on the 633 I have. Nova really needs an app to run it tho, using the knob for data entry is PIA.
  2. Hi Glen, know it's a been a while, are these coming back at all, cant find them. Thanks, D
  3. July 2020, and still helpful. Thanks!
  4. Hi Alan, How did you get on?
  5. Sorry to chase an old thread, but did you manage to sort it without sending back to Zax?
  6. Well, this is slightly old, but i have a Nomad12T and is supposedly usb ready, but nothing shows up/no option to mirror to usb at all. The guy i bought it from said it never worked, but he used Touch with no issue... FYI, in advanced setup, USB is enabled with update Dec 21 2012. Thanks all. *EDIT - Howy replied and i have changed down to 7.81B. USB mirror is now an option, though the usb sticks i have are 'unrecognised disk format'. will try a few more bits.
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