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  1. Joppe, Let me know next time you're putting some of these together, I could use a good bulk charger and this looks pretty amazing.
  2. Ok, so I adjust the gain from the nomad, but monitor it on the QRX, I'll check it out. Thanks
  3. I just received my ZMT3-Phantom 2 transmitter with a QRX200 receiver to go along with my Nomad10, it's an exciting time! However I have a couple of questions about the general workflow. I've used the tone generator from the transmitter to set the trim coming into the mixer (currently analog, I'm having a digital cable made, but it's not yet ready) . I have the faders setup as normal (controlling mix), and I can, of course, adjust the transmitter gain from my Nomad, however I can't tell what the gain is set to from my mixer (which makes sense, as it isn't sending zaxnet info back to the nomad), but it makes it a bit more difficult to set levels. With a hard wired mic I can use the autotrim functionality and see the levels as I adjust it, with the remote gain, I can't see the levels as I adjust, and since it doesn't tell me where it's at, it can be hard to tell if I adjusted it by 5db or 10db. So I end up making some adjustments, then backing out of the Zaxnet screen, checking levels, and then going back into the zaxnet screen to adjust it a bit more, until I get it right where I want it. I realize that if I set a fader to the remote gain, then I would have a better idea where the gain is set (based on fader position) and would be able to see the levels as I adjust, but I'd rather leave my faders for adjusting the mix. I would just use the mixer trim, but that kind of defeats the purpose of using tone to calibrate gain stage levels. So I guess my question, is how has everybody else been handling this? Am I missing something, or is there a better workflow for these mics?
  4. Thanks Jack. I'll stick with QRX200 then.
  5. I'm getting ready to buy my first Zaxcom wireless units, and can't seem to quite get my head around all of the options. I use a Nomad 10 for my mixer, so I have Zaxnet control from there. Is there any advantage to getting a QRX235 with the QIFB if I'm already using a Nomad or should I be looking more at the QRX200? Does having the QIFB option allow for auto scanning and assigning channels like the RX-12 will when connected to a Nomad, or is it just for manual remote control?
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