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  1. Gerard-NYNY

    Where is the Senator?

    Life on the site is not the same without him. Sniff.
  2. Gerard-NYNY

    Where is the Senator?

    I think he's on here as the OP in that Nagra Stories thread whenever it gets resurrected from time to time.
  3. Gerard-NYNY

    A Knock Jockey's Best Friend

    Yups. And lots of stupid stuff, too, like giving a sticky padlock on someone's toolbox a few firm whacks when something inside froze up. And the time talent rang a door buzzer at the top of a scene and the spring inside jammed and it wouldn't turn off.
  4. Gerard-NYNY

    A Knock Jockey's Best Friend

    Oh how the memories come back, gripping and lighting, rigging this or that, makeshift contraptions; besides the usual set of wrenches, this tool made life easier.
  5. Gerard-NYNY

    Please Post SIlly Things

  6. https://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/177761/dan-ingram-dead-at-83
  7. Gerard-NYNY

    RIP Glenn Snoddy

    The Univox Super Fuzz and the Marshall Supa Fuzz were among the best to my ears. A Sam Ash branded fuzz was right up there too in quality. A Fender designed (mostly by John Page of the Custom Shop) guitar made in Japan in the late 80's, the Heartfield RR 7 and other RR variants had an (push button, along with pickup wiring) onboard distortion circuit that was a really tasty liquid fuzz when the internal gain was maxed out. It does not have the usual artifact noise associated with boxes because of the active electronics. It's definitely a value leader as some of them can be had for the same price as a classic vintage fuzzbox.
  8. Gerard-NYNY

    RIP Glenn Snoddy

    Very Saddened to hear this. There's good ol' tube distortion, which was happening well before Snoddy's fuzz was discovered by accident--and his was the perfect fuzz for that recording. But fuzz is a world of sound unto itself. I love the online guitar forum questions from kids approaching their first fuzzbox. Kid: What fuzz should I get? Me: The one that makes your mother go instantly berserk is usually the best one. Put fuzz in the hands of a pioneer and you're going to get music, not uncontrolled noise that makes the moms go berserk. Maybe. Rock In Peace Glenn Snoddy.
  9. Gerard-NYNY

    RED Android Phone

  10. Gerard-NYNY

    North Korea microphone surplus.

    Since he's probably speaking to a captive audience of seven people, not including the sound tech, he should be amplified by seven Polytone Mega Brutes.
  11. Gerard-NYNY

    NYC accountant recommendations

    Agroaccounting.com 917-650-4534
  12. Gerard-NYNY

    Effect of new tax bill on freelance soundies?

    True, at first glance/not worrying about it too much; it looks like a tax cut and I'll see what happens in April. I have gotten into the habit early on to take zero deductions no matter how painful it is, with the reasoning the the higher tax bill has an upside in a higher Social Security payout down the road. "It only hurts when you look at the numbers."
  13. Gerard-NYNY

    Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

    Sure it will be prettier, the cmit5u has a warm sound to it without adding 'character' to it. However, the off axis rejection is worth thousands to me because the off axis sounds are attenuated and do not sound weird of unnatural. It's amazing how much ambient noise is reduced directly behind the mic. You can get the shot and move on, rather than talking/explaining to the producer about too much tractor noise and getting into a new realm of discussion (based on his near zero iq about mics and sound) because he cannot bear to line up a shot elsewhere or he believes that breaking out 2 or 3 omnidirectional lavs for what was supposed to be a quick shot will make it all better.