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  1. I'm pretty sure someone can rig something up, but maybe it's a good idea to look for the same pole and use one for parts when needed.
  2. Life on the site is not the same without him. Sniff.
  3. I think he's on here as the OP in that Nagra Stories thread whenever it gets resurrected from time to time.
  4. Yups. And lots of stupid stuff, too, like giving a sticky padlock on someone's toolbox a few firm whacks when something inside froze up. And the time talent rang a door buzzer at the top of a scene and the spring inside jammed and it wouldn't turn off.
  5. Oh how the memories come back, gripping and lighting, rigging this or that, makeshift contraptions; besides the usual set of wrenches, this tool made life easier.
  6. http://asdfg.jodi.org/-------------------------------/-------------------------------/-------------------------------/-----------------------332xc675/rttyaxex.html
  7. https://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/177761/dan-ingram-dead-at-83
  8. The Univox Super Fuzz and the Marshall Supa Fuzz were among the best to my ears. A Sam Ash branded fuzz was right up there too in quality. A Fender designed (mostly by John Page of the Custom Shop) guitar made in Japan in the late 80's, the Heartfield RR 7 and other RR variants had an (push button, along with pickup wiring) onboard distortion circuit that was a really tasty liquid fuzz when the internal gain was maxed out. It does not have the usual artifact noise associated with boxes because of the active electronics. It's definitely a value leader as some of them can be had for the same price as a classic vintage fuzzbox.
  9. Very Saddened to hear this. There's good ol' tube distortion, which was happening well before Snoddy's fuzz was discovered by accident--and his was the perfect fuzz for that recording. But fuzz is a world of sound unto itself. I love the online guitar forum questions from kids approaching their first fuzzbox. Kid: What fuzz should I get? Me: The one that makes your mother go instantly berserk is usually the best one. Put fuzz in the hands of a pioneer and you're going to get music, not uncontrolled noise that makes the moms go berserk. Maybe. Rock In Peace Glenn Snoddy.
  10. https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2018/05/17/red-hydrogen-one-holographic-phone-sold-t-summer/617472002/
  11. Since he's probably speaking to a captive audience of seven people, not including the sound tech, he should be amplified by seven Polytone Mega Brutes.
  12. True, at first glance/not worrying about it too much; it looks like a tax cut and I'll see what happens in April. I have gotten into the habit early on to take zero deductions no matter how painful it is, with the reasoning the the higher tax bill has an upside in a higher Social Security payout down the road. "It only hurts when you look at the numbers."
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