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  1. I recently got myself a second hand CMIT-5U. After a long day shooting it started to crackle and distort a bit. Probably because it got colder that night. Is there any way to overcome this problem? Love to hear your solutions.
  2. Hi I'm Thijs, My interest in sound began 3 years ago. Currently I'm doing an Audio Visuals school in Amsterdam. i sadly got denied this years for the film acedemy. Im looking for Learning/ working opportunities so i get more professional work experience. I invested quite a bit into my own gear so I'm suited for some jobs. I currently own: -Zoom F8 -Schoeps CMIT-5U -Rode Boom (Needs to be upgraded) -Rycote Blimp -Cinela osix mount I really want to learn a lot and expand my expertise in this work field! Im currently in my last year of the school I'm doing and i got 6 months of internship left. Im open for everything in this period and love to use this time to learn a lot. Otherwise i'm open in all the weekends and like to spend as much of my time learning. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better and i will try to Answer as much questions. Thanks for reading! -Thijs
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Thijs and I'm currently studying a film school in the Netherlands called Mediacollege. My dreams are to study sound on the Film academy in Amsterdam but i have to finish my last year here. After the summer i am allowed to do internships in other countries and my question was: How does that generally work. if there are people with experience on here. Ive got a lot of set expierience by doing a dutch TV series and a lot of student film sets, But i still want to expand my expertise and work half a year with a professional for my internship next school year. Any tips would be helpfull! and i love to hear your own experiences with internship. Yours sincerely, Thijs
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