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  1. I had the same ish problem and my mic is in Germany at the moment. What caused it for me was dust on the diagram and a humid environment. They are cleaning it/replacing parts for it now if it's needed i really hope that that solves my problem. how old is your mic?
  2. Sorry for the late response. My mic is plugged in to a zoom F8 48V phantom power. It was only when filming in the moist conditions back at home after an hour of leaving the mic on the table the mic worked perfectly again without problem. with the same phantom power and recording settings. After you take it out of the dry tube do you directly plug it in or let it sit for a while in the moist conditions? Very useful information vin! I will be sending my schleps teethe factory either way of what happens on this forum. but this is all very useful information for me to learn about mics since I'm just a 19 year old beginner. Screws are all solid on the mic and nothing is moving around. still a useful tip and thanks for telling me! Thanks for all the responses! im new to this forum and still learning a lot abut sound everyday. im 19 year old and from the Netherlands and signing up to this forum has been a lot of help. thanks for all he support and its nice to have professionals responding to my problems. I tested the mic after the day of recording and it had no troubles and worked perfectly. so sadly it was not the power. the zoom f8 hasn't got the greatest preamps so that's the next thing i will be upgrading.
  3. So i got this old CMIT 5u which worked like pristine a couple days ago. i always store the mic in my closet in a dry groom with normal temperature. Today when i started shooting the mic gave almost no sound and alot of self noise. i couldn't use it for the whole day. last time this happened was at a night shoot but every worked back when i layed it in a dry room for a while but now it doesn't work at al and is simply unusable. Even after a full day of drying there is no change and the mic still does the same noise and low sound problem. Have any of you guys got any tips or had the same problem. I'm thinking of contacting schoepst for a cleaning and check up but i have no idea how they are with older CMITS. thanks infant for the tips. (the mic was bought second hand from a trusted seller and everything worked when tested) Thijs,
  4. Thanks for all the useful feedback! Really appreciate it.
  5. I recently got myself a second hand CMIT-5U. After a long day shooting it started to crackle and distort a bit. Probably because it got colder that night. Is there any way to overcome this problem? Love to hear your solutions.
  6. Hi I'm Thijs, My interest in sound began 3 years ago. Currently I'm doing an Audio Visuals school in Amsterdam. i sadly got denied this years for the film acedemy. Im looking for Learning/ working opportunities so i get more professional work experience. I invested quite a bit into my own gear so I'm suited for some jobs. I currently own: -Zoom F8 -Schoeps CMIT-5U -Rode Boom (Needs to be upgraded) -Rycote Blimp -Cinela osix mount I really want to learn a lot and expand my expertise in this work field! Im currently in my last year of the school I'm doing and i got 6 months of internship left. Im open for everything in this period and love to use this time to learn a lot. Otherwise i'm open in all the weekends and like to spend as much of my time learning. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better and i will try to Answer as much questions. Thanks for reading! -Thijs
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Thijs and I'm currently studying a film school in the Netherlands called Mediacollege. My dreams are to study sound on the Film academy in Amsterdam but i have to finish my last year here. After the summer i am allowed to do internships in other countries and my question was: How does that generally work. if there are people with experience on here. Ive got a lot of set expierience by doing a dutch TV series and a lot of student film sets, But i still want to expand my expertise and work half a year with a professional for my internship next school year. Any tips would be helpfull! and i love to hear your own experiences with internship. Yours sincerely, Thijs
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