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  1. Oh, looks like I’ll be making my first Deity purchase. I wonder if Lectro could get a deal done with Zaxcom.
  2. Waves is awesome. Keeps track of invoices, receipts and total sales. Makes doing taxes very easy. Cost is minimal as most people don't pay by credit card. Every other service on there is free.
  3. Here is the response from Atomos, I'll try adjusting the timecode offset on the ninja V see if that works.
  4. 23.98, no options for drop frame on SD or Pulse. I reached out to Atomos. I’ll report back what they say.
  5. Hello, I've searched this website but haven't found a solution to my issue. Sending 23.98 fps LTC timecode to a Pulse from SD633. The Pulse is connected to the AtomosX via RF signal. As you can see in the photos, all the units are synced perfectly. When I sync the video and audio in post it's off by 4 frames consistently throughout. I was wondering if there was a solution to this where it could be perfectly in sync when matched in post. Thanks!
  6. Here is a raw sample of CS-M1. These were shot documentary style run and gun.
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