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  1. Microphones for conferences are quite different. There are gooseneck microphones that are placed in front of every participant involved in the discussion; boundary microphones that are placed on the table to improve the acoustics of the whole room; and, finally, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted microphones. All of these types of mics have their advantages and drawbacks. Here you can find some good options and their short reviews. As for Rode, Audio-Technica, they are also good variants. I like these ones: Audio-Technica AT875R Rode NTG2 Sennheiser MKE 600
  2. There is a wide selection of microphones in stores - for every taste and budget. Condenser microphones are expensive pleasure, so I choose among the dynamic ones, as always with a good price-quality ratio. Chose a long time. And stopped at two - Sennheiser-e835 and Shure-SM58. The second is just a world standard. You can find a lot of good reviews about it. But Sennheiser is very good microphone for its price too. Which one would you advise? Any experience?
  3. I own NTG 3. A decent option, works well and close to Sennheiser 8060 to my mind. I satisfied with it when working outdoors. In a whole, I like Rode mics most.
  4. I also considered Sennheiser MKH 416 for buying. But this mic is quite expensive as well as Sennheiser 8060. Maybe used models will be a decision. Or just look for cheaper versions here...
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