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  1. I do regret i didnt send the unit to Germany/Ambient. Choosing Zaxcom, New Jersey, i thought i was playing safe. All my dealings with Ambient so far were top notch. I am going to service Maxx again, this time in Ambient.
  2. Got back Maxx half serviced. Service paid. Tho it is stated that all inputs are calibrated and the system went through full QC, unit still has significantly higher noise level on ch 3 input. Asked the question in fb user group, and tho i was asked what is wrong with the unit, no one from Zaxcom was interested to participate. Some nice people that are in the business of location recording were kind enough to lend an advice. Also, lots of horror stories about Zaxcom service and repair practice. In the end ive sent an Email to Patrick, the guy i was in contact during the whole service and repair procedure asking not to be refunded, or to be provided with anything free of charge. Just wanted to know if there is any spare part i could order, any advice or insight as what might be happening and what are the reasons for noise as i don't have time and resources to send the unit across the ocean again if i don't have to, and have paid the service first time. I was told he is going to talk with the owner, and that we are going to reach some kind of solution by the end of the day. That was two weeks ago. Asked again 5 days ago, and told him i am not going to push this but i would like to have some kind of answer. Nothing. That is also an answer. Yet there is 'service and repair' option on Zaxcom site. Go figure. So thank you Zaxcom, all good.
  3. Hopefully the next contact will be on time.
  4. What is the usual feedback time on your Zaxcom device service info? I have received confirmation that Maxx has arrived to Zaxcom Service Dept. on 6th of September. As the unit was brought to United States from Europe, and my staying time is near the end, i would appreciate any info on the matter. Thank you
  5. Ok then. Thank you for quick reply Jack.
  6. Yes, i have tried everything except switching CF card. I'll try that today. Can you please advise, in situations like this, would it be ok to send the unit to Ambient as they are offering repair and service or should i go directly to mothership? I don't have any second thoughts about Ambient personnel determination, knowledge and professionalism, just would like to skip the unnecessary waiting time in case they have to send it to the USA and Zaxcom. Thank you
  7. Hello to all of you @JWSOUND It's good to finally be here. I have a question regarding Zaxcom Maxx recorder issue. I've already contacted Zaxcom and Ambient regarding the issue and the good people from Ambient told me that i can send Maxx for service/repair but i should also ask the question here as the nature of issues I'm going through is really weird. Never explained issue to Zaxcom, just asked about the possibility of service in Europe. I'll try to describe the issue the best i can. The other day i ran out of batteries (hawk woods np50) during recording session. At the moment i wasn't close to the recorder but when i came back, red battery symbol was flashing, channel selection and level values were 'jumping' from low to high randomly from 2 -3 -4 channel. At the same time channel 1 was stuck on +17dB (checked value in setup) and only allowing value ie level to be increased. At the same time rotating knob clock wise and adding gain resulted in adding Voltage percentage on battery indicator icon. So at some point it went from 12.5 V and 'low battery warning' to 19 or 20V icon value. All the time ch levels and led indicators were running mad. Very strange indeed. Those are new Hawk Woods batteries, used, tried and tested. I borrowed few ext bat from a colleague and also tried AA power option. Same thing, just numbers were different. I was in post fader mode. When in pre fade mode i can trim up and down gain altho channels are still randomly switched, and voltage indicator is running wild. I have tried to re-instal firmware few times, to reset the machine, stop button pressing when powering up..everything. No success. Havent tried the inputs after this episode because i didn't want to risk possible phantom issues with microphones, but in headphones when turned up, 3rd channel has noise level that is higher than noise level on 1st,2nd and 4th ch. Any info or input on the matter would be highly appreciated. Thank you. Nikola maxx2.3gp maxx3.3gp
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