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  1. Kind of off topic - but was wondering if i can buy a Nagra EMP somewhere... Any leads would be very kind...
  2. Well, I am not into food photography to make things look nice. It should taste nice. That's it. I am not transferring to a serving dish and laying it out etc. Sorry about that...
  3. I have been posting a number of recipes - both vegetarian and non-vegetarian on my Facebook page, in case folks want to take a peek... stay well stay safe, -vin
  4. seems clearly a checkup at SD service is in order...
  5. <This glue comes off with a sharp flat driver. > Dangerous... Instead - dab some IsoPropyl Alcohol on it. Wait 5 seconds, it will come off with no effort, using a pair of tweezers. Recommended method from SD service dept. Been doing repairs on SD stuff last three years... Use a glue gun on the new Board connector...
  6. I usually maintain my lavs very meticulously and therefore seldom have a heavy gunk build up. If this ever happens, i use a little bit of Goo-Gone first and wipe down and later after some time, use a tiny bit of olive oil, leave on for an hour or so and then wipe down...
  7. Not necessarily - it is up to the user - you can turn it off and it will retain the last noise signature it grabbed.
  8. so sorry to hear this... rip...
  9. One great recording of jazz done on Nagras is the "Jazz at the Pawnshop" - considered one of the finest audiophile analogue recordings.
  10. soundtrane

    Jay Rose

    OH no.... What a wonderful man he was! RIP....
  11. the microdot cannot be repaired because some glue is used during the assembly of the connector. only a new one can be installed after cutting off the old connector...
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