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  1. imho... induction earpieces are more reliable than RF although the quality of sound may be lesser than RF. personal experience after thoroughly testing the ROGER RF system from Phonak. It takes a lot more effort to ensure sensible 2.4G coverage over a space, plus susceptibility to interference from stronger wifi signals etc.
  2. dont think you can fix it. you have to send it in. will most probably require change of a couple of ICs. as per my experience with many 664s i have serviced over the last few years...
  3. it is not so difficult to remove the main board from the Venue chassis. and put it back. as far as an illuminated switch is concerned, i would not recommend it.
  4. another great one gone... RIP...
  5. also consider DMS. i set up an MKH8040 matched pair with an MKH30 last year. initial test recordings resolved into surround using the Schoeps plugin sounded fantastic.
  6. Kind of off topic - but was wondering if i can buy a Nagra EMP somewhere... Any leads would be very kind...
  7. Well, I am not into food photography to make things look nice. It should taste nice. That's it. I am not transferring to a serving dish and laying it out etc. Sorry about that...
  8. I have been posting a number of recipes - both vegetarian and non-vegetarian on my Facebook page, in case folks want to take a peek... stay well stay safe, -vin
  9. seems clearly a checkup at SD service is in order...
  10. <This glue comes off with a sharp flat driver. > Dangerous... Instead - dab some IsoPropyl Alcohol on it. Wait 5 seconds, it will come off with no effort, using a pair of tweezers. Recommended method from SD service dept. Been doing repairs on SD stuff last three years... Use a glue gun on the new Board connector...
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