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  1. Surely this applies to short runs?
  2. QUICKFIST is a lot better than the one in the photo...
  3. there are only two outputs from the capsule, and there are no wires, unless i am misunderstanding what you are saying...
  4. I have done this all my life... on features...
  5. i guess not... You will have to make one yourself...
  6. There are a few experienced sound guys in Singapore. Maybe you should contact Jason Yun and Alan Chong out there for some advice on gear etc.
  7. will need a trip to mothership... afaik...
  8. price is definitely wrong. checked with Sanken on this.
  9. now someone out there is thinking "how many apple watches can i buy for this money?" Ha!
  10. yes, but YMMV with this stuff from China...
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