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  1. You will be fine with Block 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26... -vin You can PM me if you need any more info.
  2. SOLID machine. I still have mine from 2007 and still use it. You could ask for a factory checkup before buying.
  3. 1x LEMO 6pin balanced stereo line in with 12V power output (Line input max. level +24dBu correlating to 0dBFS) 1x LEMO 5pin LTC Timecode In/Out (from website) -vin
  4. I use a 'wedge' of Kapton tape... Highly heat resistant.
  5. Great man, Chinhdha... I had the good fortune of meeting him many times in 2015...
  6. Have done many XLR4s for camera dept using a 12V DC soldering iron 😀
  7. It has been discontinued by SD. I know of this since i represent them in India.
  8. I am so truly sad to hear this, he was such a wonderful man, RIP my dear friend...
  9. But WHY are you not going to be there Eric?
  10. The best tool for stripping these kind of cables is a thermal stripper. Look at PATCO. You will need two, one for PVC outer insulation and PTFE tool for the inner conductors...
  11. seems like a super coincidence Constantin! (hope you are well my friend!) -vin
  12. great DIY Rachel! however, ain't your 1/4"-20 screws which are actually working like grub screws holding the mic in place... shuddering because of what is happening to the contact space of the screws on the mic body.... -vin
  13. Honor is mine, to be able to provide an excellent product here...
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