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  1. soundtrane

    Sound tech falls on Tom Hanks "Mister Rodgers movie

    very sad... rip....
  2. soundtrane

    Chinese "Lemo" Connectors

    this is an ODU connector, the best and actual source is Ambient, Munich...
  3. soundtrane

    Audio Limited A10-Rack

    and i have one coming in!
  4. soundtrane

    Cos11 Re-terminating

    try PATCO - you will need two - one for the outer jacket and one for the inner conductors. www.patcoinc.net
  5. soundtrane

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    this must be the ONE thread that turned HILARIOUS !!!
  6. soundtrane

    Donnersmarck's new film "Werk ohne Autor" first trailer

    Good Luck!!
  7. soundtrane

    Note by Note

    Superb... started watching it and did not stop till the end... Many thanks for this find! -vin
  8. soundtrane

    Treatment in production

    +111 sorry, diplomacy is good but not at the cost of my work... I would rather fight my fights when needed than end up in the "good books" of the very people who do not understand the value of my work and therefore belittle it.
  9. soundtrane

    Cedar DNS 2 Digital I/O

    i think REAN has TA3 to XLR adapters. never seen a TA5 to XLR adapter. it's not logical anyways...
  10. soundtrane

    John Blankenship is officially a year older today

    Have a great one my dear friend!
  11. soundtrane

    Advice for a novice

  12. soundtrane

    Certified Genius: The Guitars of Chet Atkins

  13. soundtrane

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Just arrived... Will check it out later today...
  14. soundtrane

    Ambient ACD 301RF

    i believe this is discontinued and replaced by their new slate...
  15. soundtrane

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    there are a number of names. EBL is one of them...