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  1. One great recording of jazz done on Nagras is the "Jazz at the Pawnshop" - considered one of the finest audiophile analogue recordings.
  2. soundtrane

    Jay Rose

    OH no.... What a wonderful man he was! RIP....
  3. the microdot cannot be repaired because some glue is used during the assembly of the connector. only a new one can be installed after cutting off the old connector...
  4. I am so sorry to hear this. RIP Don, my friend....
  5. From what i have heard - pre-polarised electret capsules wilt with time - especially HF response and sensitivity - it is the nature of the beast, and exacerbated by sweat dust etc. i tend to treat lavs like consumables, once i hear the 'difference', i retire the unit.
  6. As others have suggested, there really is not much of any advantage using star quad in a bag... my 2 cents on this...
  7. from my experience - it is most probably a LCD issue that can be solved by replacing it. to the mothership it must go...
  8. Hello! I am visiting your wonderful city for a few days. 28th Oct to 3rd Nov. Would LOVE to meet you all!! cheers, -vin
  9. maybe you can find something appropriate at minicircuits...
  10. I have been to the factory and received some training. However, capsule issues cannot be handled anywhere else but the factory which has dedicated purpose built rigs for testing (they were built decades ago) which Schoeps cannot sell to anyone. I have done some repairs here in India and do have a set of spares etc. However, the humidity issue is something related to dust on the diaphragm as well which is very difficult to clean and only the factory can do it. -vin
  11. if you see ANY of the NPR SMall Desk concerts - the sound guy invariably uses the MKH416 ALL THE TIME... go figure...
  12. Surely this applies to short runs?
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