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    20 years and more of location sound and audio post in the most difficult conditions. Own equipment rig, top of the line stuff, never rented out.
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  1. NAGRIT sales@nagrit.com NAGRIT SRL Via Ildebrando Vivanti, 89 00144 Roma Italia Tel. & FAX: +39 06 4543 5090
  2. soundtrane


    simple belt driven is the way to go... and totally manual. i have the funk firm turntable with ortofon red. sounds fantastic. needs the cartridge\stylus to be calibrated (physical) every now and then. cheers -vin
  3. +1. Had 16 hour runs with no syncing in between. -vin
  4. put a wide blade screwdriver in the slot where the hinge is and twist.
  5. seems like your earlier soldering was leadfree SnPbAg - hence the requrement of higher temperature... and now you are on 60/40.
  6. While these may be the way it is done out there - a LOT of it is overkill for the work we do with the equipment we handle. Some of the good practices - keeping the iron tip tinned, using the ideal quantity of solder for a joint, care in tinning the cable, et al. Some of the things not really needed for what we work with - frequent cleaning procedures with kimwipes - the soldering iron tip, the solder itself and multiple cleans of the job work (the item being soldered)... Having said this - a lot depends on exactly what is the job at hand... (if one is doing SMD IC replcements - a lot of what is in the video applies. if one is just doing XLR connectors - no...) As for your predicament - the information is not enough to provide a sensible remedy. I would want to know: Which Hakko unit? How old is the tip? What solder are you using/how old is it/how was it stored? Need to know composition and gauge Did you clean and tin the tip before attempting anything at all? Did you use a liquid flux from a flux pen or a syringe before trying to melt the existing solder junction? So many questions... TO Dalton: OF COURSE the real good stuff is STILL available. I wonder why you say it isn't. cheers -vin
  7. https://www.khadas.com/post/introducing-the-balanced-rca-jack
  8. rip... met him in person in 1995.... great man.
  9. use the cables on Pins 1,2,3 on the 5-pin to the 3 pin xlr. both sides. cut off cables going to pin 4, 5.
  10. Error 403 - Forbidden You don't have permission to access the requested resource. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.
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