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    20 years and more of location sound and audio post in the most difficult conditions. Own equipment rig, top of the line stuff, never rented out.

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  1. soundtrane

    RIP - Malcolm Davies, Amps, CAS

    I am so truly sad to hear this, he was such a wonderful man, RIP my dear friend...
  2. soundtrane

    R.A.M.P.S./JWSOUND Party - NAB 2019

    Ahem... you win Eric...
  3. soundtrane

    R.A.M.P.S./JWSOUND Party - NAB 2019

    But WHY are you not going to be there Eric?
  4. soundtrane

    LEMO connectors

    The best tool for stripping these kind of cables is a thermal stripper. Look at PATCO. You will need two, one for PVC outer insulation and PTFE tool for the inner conductors...
  5. soundtrane

    I bought NEUMANN KU100

    seems like a super coincidence Constantin! (hope you are well my friend!) -vin
  6. soundtrane

    416 Windscreen/Basket to CMIT conversion

    great DIY Rachel! however, ain't your 1/4"-20 screws which are actually working like grub screws holding the mic in place... shuddering because of what is happening to the contact space of the screws on the mic body.... -vin
  7. soundtrane

    Abetek 'RadCad' - 12 AA Caddy Charger

    Honor is mine, to be able to provide an excellent product here...
  8. soundtrane

    Abetek 'RadCad' - 12 AA Caddy Charger

    Can my company (Overtone Audio) represent you in India?
  9. soundtrane

    Are Sennheiser HD 26s worth the price?

    third that... been a user ever since they came out...
  10. soundtrane

    Sound tech falls on Tom Hanks "Mister Rodgers movie

    very sad... rip....
  11. soundtrane

    Chinese "Lemo" Connectors

    this is an ODU connector, the best and actual source is Ambient, Munich...
  12. soundtrane

    Audio Limited A10-Rack

    and i have one coming in!
  13. soundtrane

    Cos11 Re-terminating

    try PATCO - you will need two - one for the outer jacket and one for the inner conductors. www.patcoinc.net
  14. soundtrane

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    this must be the ONE thread that turned HILARIOUS !!!
  15. soundtrane

    Donnersmarck's new film "Werk ohne Autor" first trailer

    Good Luck!!