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  1. NAGRIT sales@nagrit.com NAGRIT SRL Via Ildebrando Vivanti, 89 00144 Roma Italia Tel. & FAX: +39 06 4543 5090
  2. soundtrane


    simple belt driven is the way to go... and totally manual. i have the funk firm turntable with ortofon red. sounds fantastic. needs the cartridge\stylus to be calibrated (physical) every now and then. cheers -vin
  3. +1. Had 16 hour runs with no syncing in between. -vin
  4. put a wide blade screwdriver in the slot where the hinge is and twist.
  5. seems like your earlier soldering was leadfree SnPbAg - hence the requrement of higher temperature... and now you are on 60/40.
  6. While these may be the way it is done out there - a LOT of it is overkill for the work we do with the equipment we handle. Some of the good practices - keeping the iron tip tinned, using the ideal quantity of solder for a joint, care in tinning the cable, et al. Some of the things not really needed for what we work with - frequent cleaning procedures with kimwipes - the soldering iron tip, the solder itself and multiple cleans of the job work (the item being soldered)... Having said this - a lot depends on exactly what is the job at hand... (if one is doing SMD IC replcements - a lot of what is in the video applies. if one is just doing XLR connectors - no...) As for your predicament - the information is not enough to provide a sensible remedy. I would want to know: Which Hakko unit? How old is the tip? What solder are you using/how old is it/how was it stored? Need to know composition and gauge Did you clean and tin the tip before attempting anything at all? Did you use a liquid flux from a flux pen or a syringe before trying to melt the existing solder junction? So many questions... TO Dalton: OF COURSE the real good stuff is STILL available. I wonder why you say it isn't. cheers -vin
  7. https://www.khadas.com/post/introducing-the-balanced-rca-jack
  8. rip... met him in person in 1995.... great man.
  9. use the cables on Pins 1,2,3 on the 5-pin to the 3 pin xlr. both sides. cut off cables going to pin 4, 5.
  10. Error 403 - Forbidden You don't have permission to access the requested resource. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.
  11. XLR-3F (microphone plug-on) [1] Ground, [2] Hot(+), [3] Cold(-) Mini XLR-5M (cable to wireless MIC) [1] [5] GND, [2] AF+, [3]AF-, [4]VDC(5V) https://wisycom.com/app/uploads/sites/2/2018/05/PHA48-en-b02.pdf
  12. you wont find it there. Ambient commissioned them to make it. you can get it from Ambient...
  13. ZFR recorders... provide power to lapel mics. may work with mics like USI Pro...
  14. This looks like the ODU connector rebranded. the ODU connector was commissioned by Ambient Munich.
  15. imho... induction earpieces are more reliable than RF although the quality of sound may be lesser than RF. personal experience after thoroughly testing the ROGER RF system from Phonak. It takes a lot more effort to ensure sensible 2.4G coverage over a space, plus susceptibility to interference from stronger wifi signals etc.
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