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  1. if you want to control the electrons, you need special methods. and that means you have to get to me. heh.
  2. excellent resource for any kind of coax cable build, any connector, any length... www.fieldcomponents.com
  3. yes, but take care to find the right position, or else the grub screw wont hit the crimp...
  4. Six Pin Lemos are fairly easy to solder. You will need a thin tip, a magnifying device will help. best thing to use to isolate a particular pin from the other ones is Kapton tape which can resist heat up to 400 degrees centigrade.
  5. No. There is no winning with STUPIDITY. And each time one of us goes out and records useless or close to useless sound - we are adding to this. At some point - all of us should say - NO. even at the cost of replacement. -vin
  6. So do I. The ONLY time i used it outdoors was in the VERY quiet space in a valley up in the Himalayas. And that too not all the time...
  7. wisycoms should work anywhere with over 200 mHz...
  8. < It's a lot of money!!! > <Also do you want to share your favorite limiter settings and pre-attenuation settings for dialogue?> No. (cause there ain't any such thing) :)
  9. i thought Bernie was trying to trip him. ; )
  10. look for "TENSILITY" in digikey etc
  11. Simon, thanks for the pictures, clears everything...
  12. <the grille slots are entirely free> Dear Chris, the photo shows one of the lyres right at the middle of the grills on the mic. This may be confusing?
  13. what a loss. what a loss. the ONLY thing i wish - was someone or himself recording material all the way until the pointhe stopped making music and he could no longer do it...
  14. welcome to the world of professional audio devices that use computer technology as it is...
  15. WILD LINES: I have done MANY MANY wild lines. They are a life saver (for SOUND DEPARTMENT) only because we dont want ADR to come in. Having said this - wild lines work or do not work only based on the ACTORS - their concentration, their performance. Most of the time, requests for wild lines are ignored by direction department and get delayed 'till the end of the scene', etc. The sooner a wild line is done the better. And in this day and age, 57640 takes happen of a shot. Digital domain... However, if there is a problem with take 1 of the 57640 takes, and IF it stays that way over all takes, obviously a wild take needs to ameliorate this problem. I remember a film i did in 2005 - period piece (1857 AD) being shot in the most inconveniencing locations for sound. NYC based Producer was a moroness who came up to me on Day 1 of the shoot and did not want me to wire up actors because 'this is not TV! you need to use boom mics!' After i relaxed for a day of shoot after this "instruction" from the producer - i felt pangs of dissatisfaction. so i started asking for wild takes. The entire film - wild takes, wild takes... 36 days of shoot... wild takes wild takes... Not one or two, but at times MANY... heh Later - no one thanked me for this, but i heard the film was done MOSTLY because of the numerous wild takes i had done on location. -vin
  16. so what human error where you humorously referring to? sorry... human factor... not human error.
  17. OK, in the absence of my good friend Senator.... Can it do Stereo? Can it do 5.1 surround? Can it sent 48V Phantom to mics? heh...
  18. DCP is 48k why is there any issue with 96k in edit- Avid MC, Davinci Resolve both take 96.
  19. and also to ensure testing and comparative testing are done and provided to the customer, so he can make the choice between two close contenders... Vaselois, the Piano will add a LOT of volume and extra distance - i dont think it is a viable way to work. maybe rarely yes. I understand the concept of having ONE windshield for multiple mics - it may help us a lot in terms of price, storage, stowage etc. however, maybe it is not the right way to get the best results from a particular mic. -vin
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