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  1. not easier - unless you have the crimp tool. heh. and when you say Hirose, which ones? 4 pin power or something else?
  2. Tom, hope you are well! DPA5100 - you can choose to not record the .1 channel. there is no way to disable the filter.
  3. http://www.hanseinnotech.com/de/bnc
  4. Charge at Home Fully charge in just 6 hours using a home AC outlet.
  5. spray electronics cleaner>> that will kill the mic for sure.
  6. https://countycomm.com/collections/capsules
  7. http://www.ecoult.com/products/residential-ultrapod
  8. http://www.pcb.com/Microphones_Preamplifiers_Acoustic_Accessories/Specialty/Water-Dust-Resistant-Array and more on this site... -vin
  9. DCP is 48k NOT to say whether 96k is ridiculous for film or not- but Avid Media Composer and even DaVinci Resolve can do 96k now. PT can do 96k and has been able to for a long long time. -vin
  10. DCP is 48k Rupert Neve told me this very story when I met him in 1995...
  11. there are tons of these kind of mikes. Knowles, Primo are manufacturers of transducers for hearing aids and other industrial use. http://primomic.com/ http://www.knowles.com/eng/Products/Microphones -vin
  12. better still: Simon Davies <simon@rycote.com>
  13. they have been around a LONG time...
  14. of course, these have been around John, but they are not locking like the Switchcraft.
  15. how cant anyone see the beauty in this Nick! some Indian classical genius may be in order in this list: the great Kumar Gandharva in 1983...
  16. why not get eneloops instead of EBL etc?
  17. my only point is - for 300 $ more you can get the F8, so i could not figure why the F4. had it been like 400$ it may have made sense, but then again, 4 tracks only...
  18. there is a low voltage warning that can be set - meaning the voltage. i have mine set at 11.5V. I am using Lifepo4 and the powerstar life. i always have two batteries in the X3 anyways.
  19. Rado - the website says this screen is readable in all ambient light conditions.
  20. then it must have been a Tarantino thing... heh...
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