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  1. Hi I have been asked to hold some teaching sessions at a new film school out here. The students are young - average age 22 and a mix of wannabe directors/producers/actors/cameramen/editors/soundos. The first set of lectures are on Basics of Sound. I have been preparing sessions to talk about fundamental concepts and definitions. Frequency, Amplitude, Wavelength, Timbre, Pitch, Loudness, etc. I was wondering how long can I keep the attention of say - a kid who wants to be an actor while explaining these concepts. Also without too much math/physics/equations, maybe avoiding equations totally from the picture. I wanted to do this in such a way that the kid will not only remember these concepts but also understand and appreciate their relevance to his work as an actor. I am assuming that txtbook definitions have already been dealt with to some extent in his science class in high school. The point here is to find novel and interesting ways to make them understand and assimilate these concepts. Any ideas, opinions and advice will be greatly appreciated, it will help me formulate my sessions for this class. best regards -vin
  2. hey alan!! wakey, wakey... ) -vin
  3. hi hari, i'm based in Bombay. I can help you figure out gear if you need. call me on 9867290002. best -vin
  4. the eyes never change. that glint... that nonchalant impishness... -vin
  5. Hi Jeff, It was truly great to meet you in person! Not much difference i find in this picture and the one you put up of yourself... -vin
  6. me too, even if i didn't shoot myself in the foot. -vin
  7. I read the original posting resulting in some reservations, especially because there were purported enticements that were meant to 'convince' people that their day and a half would not be entirely boring. i think the first person who replied must have been put off by this very aspect of the posting, before any other specificity to the nature of consulting/offering advice on location/etc... however, I applied some paraphrasing/reading-between-the-lines/filling-in-the-blanks/re-interpretation, and it was clear to me. what i saw fit to do was to offer myself to get "JS" to get going with his project - if only he could get me back to NY from where i get back home... i was very sure to mention that I would not be the easiest one to have standing beside a mixing console of any kind and just talk... i think this is the first instance of something that has irked people and at their behest been 'taken off'. in a way, this is good. however, i also feel that this set of communication between two people should also be preserved - not to embarass them or anyone, not to hold as an example of what not to do, but just because we are human and babel is built into us, even if we speak the same language. i don't think either of the people will be reprehensive to this, especially if they have understood and agreed upon actually speaking to each other what they wanted to say and what they meant to say. -vin
  8. hi jeff, i'm absolutely at home at jw_forum. apropos computers (let's use the term for those machines that are not propreitary systems built exclusively for audio recording) on the field, i've been conferring with Darren for a while now. by now, most issues - like powering etc seem to be solved. software - we have a choice - metacorder and boomrecorder - according to needs and comfort. when mixers moved from nagras to DAT and then from DAT to devas/cantars/portadrives/744s etc., each movement had advantages. in 2006, the acceleration of advancements in computer technology are much more than say even five years back. a lot of new developments are happening even in the good old PC architecture - with Intel *T (VT) and AMD Pacifica, to mention a few. hardware is getting smaller and software crossing more OS borders. i used to think i should have been born a few decades back, when it was more exciting - maybe when mag was invented and became the standard professional format, when mag and LP still co-existed... i used to think it was a simpler world then, recording was more ears and miking techniques. i can't go back in time. in my own funny way, every new development in 2006 is something i want to be excited about, and i really am! what seemed complicated in 2004, I brush away now. It is definitely very much challenging to us - as mixers - to keep abreast of computer technology in general. i do spend a lot of time trying to be on top of things, and i enjoy it. sometimes, i also feel like going and doing a gig with a good old Nagra - change reels every 20 min, write a good old sound report, and mix! I would definitely be very interested in this thread, I thank you for initiating it. best -vin
  9. hi everyone, i'm landing in LA on 20th April and that's because of flight availability. I need to spend upto 23rd in LA and i'll take a bus or hitch a ride to Las Vegas for NAB. I will need a place to stay in LA. I have no fixed itinerary for after NAB, which is another thing. As of now, I'm thinking only about the initial few days before i get to NAB. Any ideas or assistance is welcome! -vin
  10. thanks jeff! i intend to make it definitely. i don't have a specific itenarary after NAB purely because i don't know where to go and who will be kind enough to allow me some place to crash. depending on this, i intend to try and stay and travel in the US for a month or so... most important part of the program will be if i can attend a couple of film shoots as a visitor for a day or two purely to watch and learn new things. i intend to be truthful to what i said to the nice lady who granted me a visa - that i dont intend to work in the US. i would also definitely like to see a few live jazz gigs, visit birdland, if possible, visit the ranch as well. any ideas or opinions from the community are definitely welcome, as well as any kind invitations. best regards -vin
  11. ok folks, the US of A has allowed me entry - they gave me a visa. now comes the onerous task of getting there physically. hope i can make it. -vin
  12. Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) is the name for a system developed by Intel that is designed to replace the aging BIOS system used by personal computers. It is responsible for the power-on self-test (POST) process, bootstrapping the operating system, and providing an interface between the operating system and the physical hardware. from wikipedia: URL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Firmware_Interface -vin
  13. http://whitewolf.newcastle.edu.au/words/index.html
  14. Last year on one of my gigs, it was the longest day of all, and it was the last shot of the day. it was 'round midnight. very quiet medieval castle perched on a hill many kilometers away from the nearest noise-source (town). intimate scene, very very quiet dialog, strong wind and the night. "roll sound" and i hit (a) button on the Deva IV and yelled "speed". in my headphones i head myself rather too loudly announcing "speed". i did not get it then, and the shot went on until I heard 'cut' and immediatley afterwards, another 'cut'. that's when i realized that i had hit the play button instead of the rec button. most embarassing moment of my life as a sound mixer, even more embarassing than having my 4.2 run out on a long take that went too long. a lot more embarassing than a big hit on my rf or TC not rolling on the slate or my cooper conking out or the battery running out on a wireless or my discovering the 'small folder' in the Deva IV... i HIT the WRONG button. i did not know whether to laugh or cry when the producer came up to me and hugged me and said it's ok. on the way back to the hotel, 2 hours away, and later in bed i didn't feel ok. a beep would have helped. -vin
  15. hey scott, do you put the shortcut under Finder? or somewhere else? dang... -vin
  16. hi jeff, i use command - tab and command - tilde all the time. scott, i'll try again, maybe i'm doing something wrong. i'd rather like a two-button combo, but hey, if a three-button works that's good. thanks a lot -vin
  17. on XP, I had a keyboard shortcut to start off almost every regular program i used - Calculator, Notepad, Word, Excel, IE, Outlook, etc etc... it was simple - just rightclick for properties of the main executable and add a keyboard shortcut in the field provided. -vin
  18. scott, i've tried that many times. for example, if i want a shortcut to start Calculator, I add a + to the Finder and 'type in the exact command' according to OSX - 'Calculator'. I even tried "Launch Calculator", but it does not work. I guess this facility is supposed to work WITHIN programs, for example if i want a shortcut to do something within Calculator. jeff, i do know i could use a third party app, but somewhere this got me wondering if such a simple requirement could have been addressed by Apple in the first place. A lot of us are very keyboard friendly because we started using computers before the mouse arrived. till date, i still find a mouse cumbersome for most regular tasks. thanks for your posts! -vin
  19. Any ideas on how to do this? This is easy on XP - though lots of people don't know about it. Also, I have never been able to figure out if I can use the keyboard shortcuts menu on the System Preferences pane to do this. It simply won't work. I'd be happy if i can say - hit Apple-Option-C to start the calculator. -vin
  20. i'm going for my visa interview on 7th april. if i get it, i'll be there! -vin
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