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  1. I am SUPER confused with the way people talk about microphones and then suspensions susceptible to WIND noise. Moving a mic in a suspension on a Boom pole is not the same as WIND. Put a mic in any suspension and a foam windshield on it and then swing it around anywhere - indoors or under friggin water and say oh damn, i can hear WIND noise. maybe i am getting too old... -vin
  2. Cantar X3, Mini have it - and i am sure the Deva 24 will have it. MixPres do have MS, but not (yet) 4 input gang...
  3. Actually a FOUR FADER GANG will be very useful - for Ambisonic recordings with a tetra mic like the AMBEO. Paul...
  4. yes, since the external input will try to 'charge' the batteries. there is no way to isolate the AA batteries from the recorder physically. if there is any other way, i have not yet looked into it.
  5. great man from our community. rip... another great one gone...
  6. Well... I am in as well, will pay shipping costs - who knows - maybe USPS will deliver them to me!
  7. Problem is shipping Li batteries anywhere, as i see it...
  8. Jeff, good to know this. Thank you.
  9. Jeff, this weebly link says it is not secure...
  10. External Powering option for Mixpre-3 and Mixpre-6 * Locking DC connector * Can take up to 17V DC input (meaning Li-Ion at full capacity) * Can use AA batteries despite the modification - if necessary when external powering is not possible. As of now - cannot put in EXT PWR with AA batteries in the sled both at once -until i find a way to isolate the direct physical connection between the sled and the recorder... -vin
  11. Ironfilm - good luck trying to get this connector from anywhere... Would suggest Wes Herron's suggestion that you buy a few of these from Lectro... You know how he knows the serial number of that connector???? :~ -vin
  12. Phil, hope you are well my friend! - i do know a sound guy in HK - let me rack my brains (also meaning search my email archives!) and get back to you with a mail address or something... -vin
  13. MOST probably - this is a DC jack with a 2.1mm barrel. Tensility is the company you want - they make right angle molded cables with pigtail on the other end -which you can cut to size and solder on a D/P-tap if you want to go with your BP battery. Tensility is fully available on Digi-key... -vin
  14. Anyone tried using a CL-12 with the 664? Need to power the CL-12 through that darned MicroUSB (5V). Need to step down a 12V DC cart battery to 5V and through a MicroUSB... If someone has done this in an efficient manner, would love to hear about it. Many thanks, -vin
  15. Does it have to be steel? Aluminum, anodized will do the job well, maybe with steel threaded inserts for the screws! After all, it is not to hold up a huge weight, considering the mass of these units being put together...
  16. I've touched and felt the prototype at NAB 2015. Definitely too narrow. Why does it have to match the size of the recorder at all?? As Jose says, there's a lot to be had in a fader panel... -vin
  17. soundtrane

    DANTE box

  18. Well, this is possible with the Cantar X2 and coming up soon on the X3...
  19. Thank you Sire! Miss you too, and give my love to Rose... thank you Phil... It's a very slow film, efven i had trouble sitting through it! Hope you saw at least a bit of it!
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