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  1. there are a number of names. EBL is one of them...
  2. The term lavaliere (lavalier), the name for a jeweled pendant necklace, comes from her name (or after Ève Lavallière). In its original French, a lavallière designates a floppy neck tie tied to form a bow at the front of the neck (reminiscent of a pussy bow). It was a popular fashion in the 19th century.
  3. ...who recommended protective caps on what? Scene_01_001
  4. take it apart completely, wash with soapy water, use a soft brush and some grease cleaner to get the silicon grease off the threads, wash again with soapy water, rinse well and then drip/air dry and put back together and add very little silicon grease to the threads... -vin
  5. This is old but maybe some people missed it.
  6. Phil, any shoot in India is 12 hours PLUS travel time. SO, it has been a crapshoot for a loo0ng time... I dont remember ever working a day which was LESS than a 14 hour day including travel. Usually 15/16 hrs pass between when you hit the sack and when you awaken. -vin
  7. two very different scenarios imho Sire...
  8. I found something uncanny at 00:47 - the small girl sitting on the left of Ernie talks to the boy sitting in front of here and we hear nothing. Or maybe i heard nothing. Heh. What rejection from whatever was used to record Ernie in this one...
  9. Sorry Vas - could not find any humor in this. On Another note - OP - You could try what DanielDH is saying - which is a low level option, using computer tech. Hope you find it this way. Imho - i think you have lost your file forever if it is really a firmware bug - and you are the first one to encounter it. Yes, it is possible...
  10. +1 for Gerry! Great guy, knows his stuff, experienced and a top of the line operator...
  11. only issue is the PATA interface IIRC...
  12. +1 (including the much misunderstood CEDAR DNS2)
  13. DAMN.... another great one gone... :((
  14. here's some internet genius at work (all in jest, my post here)
  15. dont be an idiot - at least get the spelling right before you post here. Dear Community - Apologies for not spotting this one - i should have bitch slapped this before it went anywhere ahead...
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