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  1. I assure you i am tech savvy and wont complain but figure it out - would love to get a few samples. -vin (India)
  2. Well, there are hundreds of interfaces and plenty of software options to choose from.
  3. tensility.com available through Digi-Key... https://www.digikey.com/products/en?lang=en&site=us&keywords=839-1014-ND 5.81 for 1 to 9 units... ----------------------- ...expensive because this connector is a HIGH DC power connector - overkill for the purpose, and probably incompatible. I have used this connector on my custom made DC distro box for the input - can do a lot more current than the usual Switchcraft 761 kind...
  4. another great one gone...
  5. I use kryptonite (got lots of it, some for smoking and some for antennas) -vin
  6. How did you make out 'was done on set and not in post'?
  7. looking for the book, if anyone has it. IMPROVISATION
  8. <<Take the info given for what it is: a distillation of decades of real-world experience in every possible sort of production sound; use what works for you and do your jobs.>> +111
  9. price? DC input - is it ONLY 12V or a range like 10-17V?
  10. For purchases from India: 1. For amounts higher than 1000 USD value, you need to have an Import Export Code (IEC). Only then can you wire transfer funds. 2. With the new Goods and Services Tax (GST), it is possible for you to set off incoming Tax for your services against GST paid for your equipment purchases - something that you could not do in the past. Effectively you end up paying lesser than before in terms of customs duty and other local taxes. 3. SD has dealers appointed in India, my company being one of them - so there is no reason why you can't buy your SD products in India easily and effectively. I speak for SD and someone from SD may kindly chime in here it they feel so, but I am pretty sure that the company will not start its own online shop for many reasons. -vin
  11. Well, you can take the grill out, replace it with a new grill (using their grill replacement tool), and choo... WONT WORK on mic heads. think about the poor diaphragm!
  12. <<At -128 dBu EIN with +60 dB maximum input gain, LiveTrak is equipped with the quietest and most advanced preamps we’ve ever made. Just wait until you hear how incredible it sounds.>> Numbers matter?
  13. so low DC or not - the 4080 you like?
  14. as far as MCR4 is concerned - yes, the first TA5F will output AES...
  15. Patrick, with apologies, a CCM41/CCM8 dont compare with a MiniCMIT. how you find it sourd or any other way is moot.
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