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  1. It actually has the 'U' shape, it just doesn't show up in the photo I took.
  2. Hi everyone! I just purchased a MKH 416 from BBlist and I have 24h to return it in case something is wrong with the mic. I've tried to do as much research I could about the fake 416's but I'm still not 100% this one is genuine. The only 2 things that don't convince me are: the finish paint is pretty fine (it's hard to feel the texture of the paint), and if I shake the mic a bit I can hear/feel like there are some parts inside that are moving slightly. Can anyone leave their opinions on this based on the photos and the info? UPDATE: I've called Sennheiser and it turns out this mic is legit. And regarding the movement noise coming from the mic, it's because the XLR plug its bit loose. I've tried to tighten the screw that only holds the XLR part but it seems to be already too tight. Sennheiser said they could fix this issues for the price of £210, which I find to be a bit too much.. but I'll probably just sent it to them and end this problem.
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