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  1. Well here is what i did, 19" flexible gooseneck ($10), i was radio ham in Argentina and work on broadcast radio, i know i need to clear space and elevate the antennas. This option give me a fast and easy way the change the antenna. LECTROSONICS SNA-600 and LPA WA5BJV 400-1000 i build. I need to try this on real shoots!!!
  2. Looks very good, i'm thinking how to attach mine, but i want to have the option to exchange easily with my log periodic antenna.
  3. Hello Karl, thanks for the links, good to know about these tests. I will try some comparatives in similar situations. Thanks for your time!
  4. Hello Mattias Larsen, thank you so much for your opinion, yes it is similar, but maybe with 2 external antennas can improve range, getting a best result than a G3. I'm curious about the normal range distance of a Lectro LT-LR at 50mw with the rx hide in the clothes (rx inside a pair of jeans for example). I'm having about 180ft with sight of view, and 100ft without sight of view (rx inside a pair of jeans for example).
  5. Hello sound community, i need to upgrade my olds Sennh G3 600mhz, then i was testing the MIRPO digital eng system rx:ACT-80 tx: ACT-80TC. I tried comparative tests with SENNH EW100G3, SONY UTX-B03 and DEITY CONNECT. I made videos to show, compare and talk. I personally prefer the MIPRO because: DIGITAL AUDIO 20hz-20khz 115db s/n, wideband, 50mw, true diversity removable antennas, but range not very good in my opinion. I connected one dipole antenna LECTROSONICS SNA600a which improve the signal. I'll be very happy if you can review it and share your opinion. Attach some photos and the youtube link with 9 videos (sorry for my english, is not the best jeje) Question are welcome... thanks. Guillermo Ursini
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